SPIE maintains its commitment to young people

Published on 13 October 2020

Cergy, 12 October 2020 – SPIE France, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the fields of energy and communications, is pursuing its objectives of recruiting 500 apprentices in 2020, despite the current situation. With more than 100 career paths open to young apprentices and work-study students, all SPIE France subsidiaries are continuing their commitment to train each future worker for the digital and energy transition.

Recruitment continues

In autumn 2020, SPIE welcomed close to 300 apprentices and brought the number of young workers in apprenticeship contract to 1,000 across all its activities in France. Training our future talents is a priority for SPIE. These training methods, which are particularly well suited to a tight job market in technical fields, concerns all levels of study, it ranges from school-leaver qualifications to engineering degrees including technical college diplomas and other advanced vocational training. It reflects all the diversity of career paths available at SPIE: electrician, IT specialist, mechanic, heating engineer, maintenance technician, construction site supervisor, draughting technician, electricity grid technician, business engineer or telecoms and networks engineer, support engineer, etc. Apprenticeship has long proven itself in fields of energy, electricity, construction, and SPIE has always stand up for excellence by investing in training and transmission of its know-how. These are important levers in terms of recruitment and skill retention.

Lasting and successful collaboration

Apprenticeship helps to build a confident relationship that benefits both sides. SPIE recruits strong new complementary talents while offering candidates solid expertise and a real opportunity to learn a trade or profession.

Each SPIE France subsidiary put forward an individual support to give each apprentice a positive and successful experience. Special attention is paid to integration and practical training of young recruits. Skilled tutors are chosen to provide them skills and to guide and support them throughout their training.  

Plenty of actions exist in order to integrate apprentices, as the half-day sessions for familiarisation with the Group's working environment and its culture. Modules on safety, company’s values, rules in workplace and multi-skilling across technical disciplines are available. Likewise, apprentices have immediately access to our e-learning platform, allowing them to benefit of valuable training in time management, internal processes, basics of each technical discipline, etc. Trainings are also available in terms of personal development or to learn new languages. These sessions are conducted by operations staff and HR professionals.

SPIE is committed to create opportunities for its young staff members to progress by facilitating interprofessional and geographical mobility. The multiplicity of career paths means that a candidate who is tempted to experiment a different field than his own can find various opportunities to satisfy their aspirations.

Olga Martin-Jarousse, Director of Human Resources at SPIE France, reflects on the fundamental benefits of apprenticeships: “Work-study programmes are the starting point for a professional career. It's a real challenge for thousands of young people at this difficult time. We are very mindful of it and we intend to take up our responsibilities. We work in exciting but demanding career paths and where the skills acquisition stage is fundamental. Training women and men of tomorrow in technical fields involved in the energy transition is an ambition shared by all our managers and subsidiaries.”