SPIE, the new maintenance partner of the Rotterdam Erasmus Medical Centre

Published on 29 March 2018

Rotterdam, March 29th, 2018 – SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has signed a contract for the daily maintenance of the technical installations of the 34 buildings at the Erasmus Medical Centre (200.000 m²). Erasmus MC and SPIE’s business unit “Healthcare” have the intention to cooperate on the electrical and mechanical engineering activities for the next 11 years.

SPIE, who was already in charge of the maintenance of the building-related installations, will now also carry the responsibility for first line support; faults that have to be solved within the hour. Project work, such as small renovations (not covered by the maintenance contract), will continue alongside the new contract as usual.

Erasmus MC is the largest academic hospital in the Netherlands, an innovation leader in healthcare. It wants to be the pioneer, to push boundaries and lead the way in technology. The technical innovation spirit of SPIE fits in well. "Such a shared vision benefits the cooperation," says SPIE Nederland’s business unit manager Cock Bons.

In addition to a good value for money, Erasmus MC was impressed with SPIE’s vision of optimising processes by innovation. Cock Bons explains: "By looking at the installations in a different way, we can save on maintenance, on costs and on energy. We make the maintenance predictable.

Moreover, SPIE promises to spend 5.5% of the annual maintenance contract value on ‘Social Return’. This means that SPIE, collaborating with Werkgevers Steunpunt Rijnmond (Employers Support Point Rijnmond), will offer the opportunity to re-enter the labour market to unemployed persons. The partnership between SPIE Nederland and Erasmus MC will be reevaluated after three years. Erasmus MC can renew it up to four times for two years.

Caption: (from left to right): Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the Executive Board (Erasmus MC), Lieve Declercq managing director (SPIE Nederland)