SPIE participates in the third series of “Business Innovation Meetings” organised by the E-clide cluster, a nuclear Innovation incubator

Published on 23 September 2020

Cergy, 23 September 2020 – SPIE Nucléaire, a French subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is participating in the third series of the “Business Meetings”. The event is taking place on 23 September and has been organised by the E-clide cluster, of which SPIE Nucléaire is an active member and currently holds the presidency.

The Innovation meeting for nuclear sector stakeholders

SPIE Nucléaire is once again participating in the “Business Meetings” organised by the E-clide cluster, an innovation incubator in the nuclear sector. This third series will offer an opportunity for VSBs, SMEs, start-ups and laboratories working in the field of innovation to get together with major nuclear groups, such as SPIE Nucléaire, which has been one of the mainstays of the E-clide cluster since its creation. Around 50 innovative companies will gather at some 15 meeting stands, 21 demonstration stands and an information stand dedicated to project funding. Contributions from numerous experts are expected throughout the event. Among them, several members of the GIFEN (the Group of French Industrial Partners in the Nuclear Energy Sector) will be present, as will representatives from EDF (specifically from the Blayais power station), the President of the Regional Council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and operational personnel from SPIE Nucléaire.

David Guillon, Managing Director of SPIE Nucléaire, Chair of the Power Station and Nuclear Committee at SERCE (the French Association of Electrical Engineering Companies) and Member of the Board of GIFEN, will also be making an appearance to show his support for the activities of the E-clide cluster. He will remind attendees of the importance of the collaborative work produced by SPIE Nucléaire and transferred to the GIFEN in the form of a contribution.

This event gives us the opportunity to meet with a wide range of project owners and to identify new techniques that we may need in order to supplement or develop new expertise. We are highly committed to this type of virtuous collaboration for our customers and our staff members,” explains Choukri Trabelsi, elected President of E-clide in March 2020, and Head of the Digital Strategy Department at SPIE Nucléaire.

The event will also showcase several of the cluster’s flagship projects. For example, the cluster’s new service offer, or O.U.E.D.O. project, a unique platform for operational data exchange between principals and their partners as part of the digitisation of nuclear site intervention processes. SPIE Nucléaire has contributed to this project in its capacity as head of the consortium by establishing an interface with Mob2e, the mobility solution developed internally to promote the digitisation of on-site interventions.

At SPIE Nucléaire, innovation is in our DNA! We have contributed to creating our own development nursery as we truly believe that we must work collaboratively with other stakeholders in the nuclear sector, support projects led by fledgling businesses and benefit mutually from our experiences. This is the reason for our participation in E-clide: to move our industry forward together,” explains Choukri Trabelsi.

E-clide, anticipating tomorrow’s nuclear maintenance

Launched in July 2016, the E-clide cluster is an association of industrial partners, SMEs, start-ups and laboratories that have come together to pursue a common goal: to increase operational and digital performance of the industrial stakeholders involved in nuclear maintenance.

The nuclear industry is changing, and we are preparing for the maintenance of tomorrow today. We work in close collaboration with the Blayais Electricity-Generating Nuclear Power Station and the economic hub of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, which are supporting us in our approach and enabling us to test prototypes developed on site. Together with other major groups, including EDF and Framatome, SPIE Nucléaire is playing a leading role by sharing experiences and co-creating high-performance and quickly operational technological innovations,” adds Choukri Trabelsi.