SPIE positions itself on the ICT market in Belgium with the creation of its ICS division

Published on 17 January 2019

Brussels, January 17th, 2019 – With the creation of its ICS division, SPIE Belgium, a subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is expanding its range of services and positioning itself in the sectors connected with information and communication technologies (ICT) in Belgium.

The acquisition of the Systemat group in April 2018, a global provider of IT solutions connected with the management of hardware, software and ICT tools that operates in Belgium and Luxembourg, enabled SPIE Belgium to gain a foothold in the ICT business areas and offer its customers a new range of services that are already strongly represented in the group’s portfolio of activities in other countries. Today, under the name ICS, this new division is combining the ICT business areas and expertise of Systemat with the technical skills of SPIE Belgium.

The ICS division of SPIE Belgium aims at the convergence of technical and digital services

In the era of Big Data and the IoT, many of SPIE’s customers are seeking integrated solutions. The following questions are being asked: what is the value of our technical data and how can it be used to improve the performance of my activity?

The ICS division of SPIE Belgium has found an answer to these questions thanks to a new single shared platform: Colligo. This platform collects, secures, manages and correlates the technical data of its clients in order to improve their services. In other words, it establishes a link between SPIE’s activities and the IT world. This creates further added value that SPIE can bring to the promising markets in which it operates: “Smart city”, “e-fficient buildings”, “Industry services” and “Energies”. The platform makes it possible to take proactive action on the data collected. It can be used to reduce costs, suggest preventiveb maintenance and improve the productivity and use of resources. This has a positive and rapid impact on the results and performance of the customer’s activity.

Thanks to this platform, combined with the knowledge and skills of the Group as a whole, the ICS division of SPIE Belgium’s is positioning itself on the Belgian market in a unique way. The synergies between the various divisions of SPIE Belgium allow it to offer its clients a simple, high-quality “one-stop shopping” experience for all their technical and digital needs.

Bruno Borremans, Director of the ICS Division of SPIE Belgium’s, said: “Our platform literally makes technical data speak, enabling us to improve the quality of our services as well as those of our customers. This creates more added value for the customers of SPIE Belgium. And let’s not forget the sizeable customer base provided by the acquisition of Systemat. We are continuing to invest in the areas of Workspace, Printing & Document Management, IP Connectivity, Datacenter & Cloud and IT Security. This approach is truly unique in Belgium.”