SPIE receives contract extension and an additional new order for all Siemens locations in Germany

Published on 12 November 2020

Munich, 12 November 2020 – SPIE, the independent European market leader for multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, and Siemens have once again extended their technical facility management contract at the technology group’s properties in Germany. In addition, SPIE has received a new project contract covering extensive planning and installation services, including the planning and management until completion of fit-out and modification projects. Both the contract extension and the new project contract with Siemens attest to its trust in SPIE’s performance and technical expertise.

Contract extension for technical facility management

SPIE manages production and administration locations covering a total area of 2.3 million square metres for Siemens Real Estate, with Munich, Erlangen and Berlin as the focal points. “We are delighted to secure a further extension of our contract and by the expression of Siemens’ trust in us”, says Stefan Schusterschitz, General Manager of the Key Account Siemens business unit, within the Efficient Facilities operational division at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa. The multi-technical service provider is able to serve Siemens in a solution-oriented manner and with high standards throughout Germany. 950 SPIE employees all over Germany are responsible for the energy, operational and property management, maintenance and warranty tracking and controlling infrastructural building management at the Siemens locations. In addition, they provide operational fire brigades, operate control centres and take responsibility for conference room management and lock-up services.

New project contract

The new five-year project contract for all Siemens locations in Germany covers a variety of services based on the service phases of the Fee Scale for Architects and Engineers (Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure – HOAI): the scope of services for planning[1], the scope of services for general contractors[2] and the scope of services for general[3]. The fourth scope of services – installation services – involves, for example, the performance of repair work on technical facilities.

Upon looking at the scopes of services, it becomes clear that Siemens entrusts us with a lot of highly varied tasks. We undertake entire projects based on the individual phases of the HOAI”, says Stefan Schusterschitz. This is the approach SPIE adopted when tasked with fitting out the rental areas in Module 1 of the new Siemens Campus in Erlangen to suit the individual requirements of the respective building users, for example. “We definitely focus a lot of attention on the planning, project planning and management and implementation of data networks and communications technology at the workplace as well. This involves copper and fibre-optic cabling, LANs, WLANs, LED TVs, projectors, etc.”, explains the business unit General Manager. “And thirdly, the new contract involves standardised projects such as the installation of electric recharging stations.”

Successful cooperation for over 16 years

SPIE has been providing optimum production conditions and ensuring that state-of-the-art production facilities operate smoothly at Siemens since 2004. The multi-technical service provider has grown with Siemens over the years and has adapted to changes within the group. “We cover our customer’s back so that it can take care of its real job”, says Stefan Schusterschitz. In recent years, joint quality improvement projects have succeeded in making the cooperative partnership much more effective still and bringing about even greater customer satisfaction.

Our guiding principle is to treat the premises and facilities entrusted to us as if they were our own property – and the customer appreciates that. At the same time, occupational safety is the top priority for us at SPIE. Siemens and SPIE both have very high aspirations when it comes to the health and safety of their employees – that is why we meet our customer’s standards”, says Rainer Hollang, General Manager of the Efficient Facilities operational division at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa.

We at SPIE are proud to accompany Siemens through the digital transformation and into a climate-neutral future with our services. To that end, we are contributing our expertise in energy efficiency for buildings and are breaking new ground in terms of digitalisation in many joint pilot projects. For example, we have introduced the unified digital platform SMART FM 360°, that through its digital reporting features also helps to incorporate and optimise BIM information and thus provides competitive advantages. As a reliable partner, we are very grateful for the trust placed in us and look forward to continuing our positive cooperation”, adds Markus Holzke, Managing Director of SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa.

Find out more about the SMART FM 360° solution on SPIE's virtual library.

[1] Based on HOAI service phases 1 to 3 – involving the determination of basic principles, preliminary planning and design planning.

[2] Based on HOAI service phases 5 to 8 – involving implementation planning, preparation for awarding, collaboration in the awarding and supervision of the work as well as documentation.

[3] Based on HOAI service phases 1 to 3 and 5 to 8.