SPIE reduces energy costs at Muldentalkliniken hospitals

Published on 29 April 2019
-     SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, delivers energy savings at Muldentalkliniken hospitals in Grimma and Wurzen.   -     Muldentalkliniken GmbH commissioned SPIE to plan, install and operate two combined heat and power plants and absorption chillers.   -     In the framework of energy performance contracting, the multi-technical service provider financed the initial investment. Refinancing will be carried out via the energy cost savings over a ten-year contract term.


Grimma/Wurzen, April 29, 2019 – In March, the ceremonial handover and commissioning of two new Muldentalkliniken energy centres took place in Grimma. Within six months, SPIE planned and retrofitted two new plants in the hospitals in Grimma and Wurzen. Electricity, heat and cooling are now being produced by one existing and two new combined heat and power (CHP) plants as well as absorption chillers, thereby reducing energy costs. With the energy performance concept, SPIE is asserting itself in an EU-wide invitation to tender.

An important part of the concept is the principle of combining heat, power and refrigeration: CHP plants generate electricity and useful heat. Among other things, CHP plants are also used to operate the newly installed absorption chillers for air conditioning. At the same time, SPIE dismantled the central steam generation plant and modernised the kitchen technology in Grimma. This alone saves the local hospital from purchasing around 800 megawatt hours of electrical energy, which the new plant is now producing itself. This corresponds to the energy consumption of around 660 households. Both hospitals now generate more than 60 percent of their electricity needs themselves. Muldentalkliniken CO2 emissions will be reduced by approximately 970 tonnes annually. This corresponds to CO2 emissions from approximately 680 cars travelling 10,000 kilometres a year.

Planning, installation and operation from a single source

SPIE completed the work during ongoing hospital operation. “The challenge for us was not to restrict everyday work in the clinics during the installation phase,” explains Thomas Ullrich, Senior Sales Manager at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa. Collaborative cooperation with the Muldentalkliniken hospitals was therefore very important. “The customer benefits from the fact that we are able to offer everything from a single source, when it is often the case that many different trades are involved,” says Ullrich. In addition to planning and installation, SPIE services also include the operation of new plants. "We monitor all systems remotely, continuously collecting and evaluating critical data concerning consumption. This allows us to identify further energy performance potential, make adjustments and increase efficiency", explains Ullrich.

Guaranteed savings through energy performance contracting

SPIE carries out its work for the Muldentalkliniken hospitals within the framework of energy performance contracting. Such contracts are long-term in order to achieve sustainable energy savings. As contractor, SPIE also finances the initial investment. Refinancing will be carried out via the resulting cost reductions during the contract term. Through continuously optimising the plant technology operation, SPIE guarantees the agreed savings for the next ten years.