SPIE, a reference on Belgian renewable energy market

Published on 23 June 2020

Brussels, 23 June 2020 – SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications and a key player on the European renewable energy market, generated €50 million from direct operations and €268 million from indirect operations in 2019 to record a total turnover of €318 million. In 2020, SPIE Belgium has already worked on five major wind farms throughout the country.

The wind energy experts at Industry Aalter, part of SPIE Belgium, are well established in the Belgian renewable energy sector. The market’s main players recognise the division’s proficient use of high and low voltage technology, specialised cabling expertise and long-term relationships with grid managers.
SPIE installed low-voltage cables at the wind farm in Rieme (Ghent) and connected them to the wind turbines and transformers on behalf of Siemens Wind Power, in addition to other projects.

Since the turn of the year, Industry Aalter has won five contracts nationwide:

  • As part of the Seagull project in Zeebrugge, SPIE Belgium is connecting two wind turbines to the Fluvius high-voltage grid and ensuring that they operate properly and transmit energy.
  • SPIE has also been commissioned by ENGIE to connect a number of wind turbines at the port of Ghent on behalf of energy companies.
  • Again on behalf of ENGIE, SPIE is currently involved in the ICO project in Zeebrugge to install and connect the cables between the turbines and the main cabin at the largest onshore wind farm in Flanders. The farm’s 11 wind turbines will produce 44 MW of green energy as of the second half of 2020.
  • SPIE is currently installing the incoming feeder panels that it is providing for four wind turbines as part of the Kaprijke-Maldegem project on behalf of ENGIE. The Group was also involved in connecting the wind turbines to the Fluvius grid.
  • Aspiravi, a company that develops, funds and carries out projects designed to produce energy from renewable sources, is entrusting SPIE with the maintenance and urgent repair work required for the high-voltage equipment of around twenty wind turbines.

As Jochen Dewaele, project manager for SPIE Belgium’s Industry Aalter division, explains: “SPIE is a leading player on the wind energy market. Our strongest assets are the multi-technical solutions and services that we can provide to our customers in this specific sector and the expertise that our high voltage specialists possess.”