SPIE replaces safety lighting for AWO Körtingsdorf senior center in Hannover

Published on 20 February 2019

- AWO Bezirksverband Hannover commissions SPIE with the installation of new safety lighting at Seniorenzentrum Körtingsdorf senior centre
- The project focuses on conformity with all legal requirements as well as successful technical acceptance of the safety lighting
- SPIE is installing the entire system during normal operation at the senior centre, which offers a 100 patients capacity

Hannover, February 20, 2019 – The AWO charity in Hannover has commissioned SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the energy and communications sectors, with the replacement of the safety lighting at its Körtingsdorf senior centre. Works began in July 2018.

Reliable safety lighting for emergencies

SPIE Fleischhauer, a business unit of SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa, is currently installing a total of 172 safety lights at the Körtingsdorf senior centre. These are intended to help people evacuating quickly and safely in case of an emergency. They include 62 escape lighting signs, pointing the way to the emergency exits, and 110 orientation lights installed on walls and ceilings ensuring escape routes are sufficiently illuminated. In cases of a power outage, the emergency lighting is automatically powered by ten decentralised batteries. SPIE will place them in each living area of the senior centre. This system is also energy-and cost-saving thanks to the use of LED.

Precise planning and implementation in line with legal requirements

The compliance with regulations is extremely important for this task: “Our customer expects the installation to comply with all required fire safety regulations. For example, if we lay cables crossing fire compartments, we have to guarantee the functional integrity in the event of a fire,” explains Michael Hartung Head of the Information & Communication Services Operational Division at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa. SPIE’s system engineers have reviewed the implementation planning as part of a general planning to take into account on-site conditions and the customer’s evolving needs. “We have to document every step of our implementation as exactly as we designed the entire installation, based on floorplans and rescue plans,” says Mr. Hartung. An expert will examine the system’s concept development, documentation and installation for approval. This inspection will then be repeated every three years and for any structural changes on the building.

As all of the emergency lighting is installed while the centre is in operation, SPIE needs to demonstrate more than its technical know-how: “Our customer appreciates the fact that we continuously adapt to their respective requirements. For our employees, this also means being respectful and careful towards the residents,” says Hartung. In the past, SPIE has already implemented projects at other AWO locations.

A wide range of care services for almost 60 years

The Körtingsdorf senior centre offers inpatient care to 94 residents accommodated in residential groups. In addition, the range of services also includes short-term and disability care as well as special care concepts. The centre will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2019.