SPIE sets up several fast-charging parks in Wolfsburg on behalf of IONITY

Published on 04 February 2021

Wolfsburg, 4 January 2021 SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, was engaged by IONITY, a joint venture of the car manufacturers BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Group, Mercedes Benz AG and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche, to implement further fast-charging parks in Wolfsburg. The new charging park at the Detmeroder Markt shopping complex provides six charging stations that enable charging at a power of up to 350 kW. The location is freely accessible around the clock.

Extensive charging infrastructure an important foundation

Within just a few months, SPIE has set up and commissioned two new fast-charging stations in Wolfsburg on behalf of IONITY. The order encompassed the installation of the charging stations including cabling and connection to the grid. The charging station at the Forum AutoVision is the second fast-charging park, and the recently completed fast-charging park at Detmeroder Markt is already the third of its kind to be implemented in Wolfsburg under the umbrella of the #WolfsburgDigital initiative. Another station at the Allerpark is planned, which SPIE will set up on behalf of IONITY. A first fast-charging park had already been put into operation in June 2019 at the e-mobility station on Braunschweiger Strasse. “The availability of a reliable charging infrastructure is considered an important foundation for the implementation of electric mobility. A decisive contribution to the success of the energy transition is ascribed to it. Here, both the expansion of the charging infrastructure outside of towns and cities on the main traffic routes and the creation of a public and private charging infrastructure within urban areas and municipalities are crucial,” said Dietmar Bogerl, head of the Energy & Mobility Solutions branch at SPIE. The stations are equipped with a combined charging system (CCS) in accordance with European standards as well as an electrical transformer suitable for a DC supply. Moreover, every electric vehicle that is compatible with the European CCS charging standard will be charged using power from 100% renewable energy at the stations and throughout Europe for driving that is not only emission-free, but also carbon-neutral.

Extensive expertise in electric mobility

SPIE offers services across the entire electromobility value chain, from a single source: from providing advice on a suitable and specific charging infrastructure and its integration into existing energy infrastructures, to preliminary planning, implementation planning, installation and commissioning, right through to complete operational, maintenance and fault-clearance services. “One of our focus areas as a multi-technical service provider is the mobility transition and the holistic implementation of charging infrastructures. We have already gained much experience in the development, installation, maintenance and operation of charging stations for electric vehicles from numerous reference projects and see the dynamic changes in the electric mobility market as an opportunity to grow with it,” said electric mobility expert Dietmar Bogerl. “Thanks to our wide range of services, we have long since proven ourselves as a strong, reliable partner for IONITY. Therefore, we are delighted to be implementing another project for the city of Wolfsburg together now.