SPIE: success of employee shareholding plan SHARE FOR YOU 2018

Published on 19 July 2018

Cergy, July 19th, 2018 – SPIE announces the success of its employee shareholding plan, SHARE FOR YOU 2018. This operation, which was deployed in 16 countries between 30th May and 18th June 2018, was aimed at offering the Group’s employees a new opportunity to become shareholders of their company on preferential terms and to participate in the Group’s performance and development.

As a result, over 6,000 employees, over a third of whom are new shareholders, took up the offer* on preferential terms. Their contribution represents just over €21 million.

Following this operation, 1,471,793 new shares will be issued by SPIE on 20th July 2018, representing close to 1% of the Group’s share capital. Employee shareholding will consequently amount to 4.4%.

This second operation offered to employees since SPIE’s initial public offering enables the Group to increase the number of employee shareholders to over 34% of its total workforce.

In October 2017, SPIE joined the FAS IAS index, which brings together 32 French companies identified as the most advanced in terms of employee shareholding.

With this operation, SPIE is consolidating its position as one of the European groups with the highest percentage of staff shareholders”, says SPIE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Gauthier Louette. “Employee share ownership forms part of our Group culture, and strengthens the lasting bond between the men and women in SPIE and their company.”

* The main features of the SHARE FOR YOU 2018 offer were described in the press release issued on 28th May 2018.