SPIE supports the initiative European Alliance for a Green Recovery

Published on 20 April 2021

As the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, SPIE joined the European Alliance for a Green Recovery in May 2020. This Alliance was launched at the initiative of the member of European Parliament Pascal Canfin, chairing European Parliament’s committee on environment and public health. In this context, European political decision makers, CEOs, business organisations, trade unions and think tanks, call today the United States to fulfil its ambitions by adopting a climate goal of reducing by at least 50% greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (compared to 2005 levels). An appeal which has been co-signed by SPIE, as it is in line with its long-standing commitments to mitigate climate change.

With 45,500 employees, SPIE is committed to the energy transition and digital transformation.

SPIE supports the initiative European Alliance for a Green Recovery

In March 2020, SPIE announced its objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the Group’s operations (scopes 1 and 2) by 25% by 2025 (from a 2019 base year). This will bring SPIE’s greenhouse gas annual emissions down below 100,000 tons, compared to 133,000 tons in 2019. The reduction will be achieved by electrifying more than a third of our vehicle fleet and by further improving the energy efficiency of our buildings. This target from company operations was elaborated using the 1.5°C scenario of the Science-Based Target Initiative.

SPIE is part of the solution in the fight against climate change.

In 2020, 41% of SPIE’s revenue is aligned with the E.U. taxonomy for sustainable activities. The Group contributes to climate change mitigation primarily by reducing the carbon footprint of its clients, therefore helping them meet their carbon-neutrality objectives. The Group’s contribution revolves around three pillars of the energy transition: improving energy efficiency, supporting the shift of the energy mix and promoting sustainable mobility. SPIE started to measure its E.U. taxonomy-aligned sustainable activities a year ago and was among the very first European listed companies to do so. SPIE’s revenue green share increased from c. 35% in 2019 to 41% in 2020. This increase reflects an improvement in SPIE’s performance (+3 percentage points), as well as precisions and adjustments made to the E.U. taxonomy by the Taxonomy Experts Group between the two calculations (+3 percentage points).

As a society, we’re facing major environmental and social challenges. And I believe that in the fight against climate change, SPIE is definitely part of the solution. Evidenced by a 41% green share of our 2020 revenue per the E.U. taxonomy, our contribution is focused on energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and the shift to renewable energy sources. These long-term drivers are core to the upcoming stimulus plans all across Europe.” commented Gauthier Louette, Chairman & CEO of SPIE, and signatory of the European Alliance for a Green Recovery.

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