SPIE takes part in the 2021 FM Days to present its native and digital energy performance solutions

Published on 03 June 2021

Saint-Denis, 3 June 2021 – SPIE Facilities, a French subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, will be taking part in the FM Days on 8 and 9 June 2021. The event will be an opportunity for SPIE Facilities to present its expertise and new solutions in terms of energy performance and user comfort.

A meeting place to showcase expertise and solutions

This fourth Facility Management summit will be an opportunity for SPIE Facilities, a SPIE France subsidiary, to meet all the market players and its customers. Over the course of both days, some 150 major market players will gather in workshops, meetings and business lunches with the aim of rethinking Facility Management and shifting the boundaries of the relationship between customers and suppliers. “For the third year in a row, our teams will be attending this meeting with our ecosystem. At this meeting, we will be sharing our expertise in energy efficiency, new technologies and Facility Management with our customers and the market, all while complying with preventative health measures”, states Cyril Pouet, Managing Director of SPIE Facilities.

Managed data, the source of high performance

Buildings are the largest consumers of energy. SPIE Facilities is providing its customers with innovative Facility Management solutions that help make their properties more energy efficient while making the occupants feel more comfortable and safe. SPIE Facilities has developed SMART FM 360°, a unified digital solution that makes it possible to identify and pool all of the data for a building or facility in order to not only get a comprehensive picture of its performance, but also identify new ways to boost this performance.

“Reflections on quality of life and remote working are changing the use of offices and leading to many changes in technology and society”, says Philippe Jeannes, Key Accounts Commercial Director at SPIE Facilities. “Within this change process, we are convinced that social ties and CSR are key components of an effective organisation.”

While data plays a critical role, SPIE Facilities reaffirms that the first lever is human, essential in achieving energy objectives. “The occupants’ commitment to eco-citizenship is one of the main key factors for well-being at work”, says Philippe Jeannes. This ambition to raise awareness was behind SPIE Facilities’ decision to join forces with Bora to install its Air News Blue air disinfection solution – a patented air disinfection technology. This technology can destroy 99.999% of harmful airborne viruses, germs, bacteria, moulds and micro-organisms, all of which are potentially hazardous to health. It kills microbes by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, preventing them from performing vital cellular functions.

SPIE Facilities is therefore actively helping people to return to the office in total safety and is committed to supporting its customers with respect to CSR.

All of these ideas will be developed over the two FM Days