SPIE wins the Fem’Energia award in the “Joint Application” category

Published on 24 November 2021

Cergy, 24 November 2021SPIE Nucléaire, a French subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has won the Fem’Energia[1] award in the “Joint Application” category. This award recognises an initiative developed by an in-house team of exclusively female colleagues to outsource a business activity to an ESAT (Etablissement et Service d’aide par le travail – a vocational rehabilitation centre for persons with disabilities). The centre’s staff members contribute to the subsidiary’s activities by preparing “ready-to-install” cables, i.e. cables cut to the desired length for quick installation on site.

Winners for an exemplary project that combines operational performance with disability integration

This project was developed by a team of eight women with complementary talents from various departments who are all members of the So’SPIE Ladies mixed network. The purpose of this network is to promote the place of women and to create a better gender mix within the world of business:

  • Noémie Brousse, purchaser, led the consultation phase for contractors able to meet the technical specifications; she drew up the logistics service contract with the ESAT.
  • Christelle Perin, as project manager, defined this new cable supply chain and now leads its deployment.
  • Aurélie Allègre, QHSE expert, was consulted upstream to carry out a documentary check of the standards applicable to the activity. She has an advisory role at the ESAT, specifically in drafting operating procedures adapted for the operators.
  • Séverine Geay, quality expert, deals with the quality assurance aspects of the project.
  • Christine Mordelet, local point of contact, manages the interface with the first pilot site, the Dampierre nuclear power station. She ensures compliance with our procedures, drawn up with the ESAT, through regular visits.
  • Vanessa Jullineau, communications manager, provides the media required to disseminate information about the project and raise awareness of the values shared by the ESAT and SPIE.
  • Samantha Paez and Chahrazad Zaouia provided regular support for the project: Samantha, as deputy head of the GEI department (General Electrical Installations) and Chahrazad, as CSR policy expert.

"I am very happy and really proud of the honour received by our teams! This award illustrates the power of our internal So’SPIE Ladies network, which brings together women with different and complementary profiles to work to achieve common goals. This work sets an example as it combines the strong values we champion: people safety, responsibility and performance. It also enables us to act in a very concrete way to help people with disabilities,” adds David Guillon, Managing Director of SPIE Nucléaire.

[1] WIN France and WIN Global, in partnership with the EDF Institut de France, Académie des Sciences, Sciences et Enseignement programme, present the Fem’Energia award to encourage and provide financial support for women with a passion for the nuclear sector