SPIE wins more awards for its safety performance and initiatives

Published on 08 September 2020

Cergy, 08 September 2020 – Three subsidiaries of SPIE France, a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, have won awards in the SERCE / OPPBTP Safety Competition.

SPIE Facilities, SPIE CityNetworks and SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire have won awards in the 56th SERCE / OPPBTP Safety Competition for their workplace health and safety results, which have been achieved thanks to the Group’s long-standing commitment. This award scheme has been honouring exemplary members of SERCE since 1965, based primarily on two criteria: members’ overall performance and qualitative actions in terms of risk prevention. Once again, this year, SPIE France’s subsidiaries were singled out for praise regarding these two approaches.

The Industrie division of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire wins awards for its workplace safety results

The Industrie division distinguished itself most notably in the first category: “Statistics – Safety Results”, where it won four awards.

- 1st prize for the Cébazat branch (Auvergne Bourgogne BU)

- 2nd prize for the Talence branch (North Aquitaine BU)

- 2nd prize for the Saint-Jean de Védas branch (South BU)

- Achievement award for the Serres-Castet branch (South BU)

The division also won two prizes in the “Judges’ Challenge” and a special mention:

- 2nd prize in the area of “Feedback on Near Miss Incidents and Hazardous Situations” for the relaying of information that enabled the introduction of a monthly assessment of hazardous situations and the sharing of observations made by people on the ground.

- 3rd prize in the “Employee involvement” category for “Safety Culture Diagnostics”, a system for carrying out a comprehensive, participative safety diagnosis that helps to establish Workplace Health and Safety priorities.

- Special mention in the “Working Procedures” category for the Electrical Hazard and Lifting Hazard Kit Roll-out which showcases a simple, comprehensive procedure.

SPIE Facilities wins 3 first prizes in the “Judges’ Challenge” category

- 1st prize in the “Training” category for their “Augmented Reality Training”. These augmented reality-based training sessions allow employees to become immersed in their real environment thanks to virtual tools. The sessions include scenario preparation, production and use of VR goggles (will people understand VR? Not sure) to ensure that good practices and safety working methods are firmly established and become true reflexes.

- 1st prize in the “Working procedures” category for their single risk assessment document for shift worksites, known as the “DUER sites postés”. SPIE Facilities has developed a pragmatic single risk assessment document for analysing exposure to health and safety hazards and conducting a risk management assessment by area of worksite. The risks identified are then shared with the parties working on the ground in the areas most closely concerned.

- 1st prize in the “Road Safety” category for its “Road safety theatre workshop”. SPIE Facilities raises staff members’ awareness of road safety by staging drama performances that take working conditions into account and broach the topics of tiredness and using the phone when driving. 260 of the subsidiary’s employees have already taken part in these interactive events.

SPIE CityNetworks wins “Judges’ Challenge” prize for “Best Practices” and an award in the “Equipment” category

- 1st prize in the “Employee involvement” category for the creation of a “Safety Passport” enabling occupational risks covered in the Health and Safety Code to be displayed on work plans. SPIE CityNetworks has raised its research technicians’ awareness of the importance of identifying risks and transcribing information gathered onto work plans. Safety Passports using icons to represent the major risks are made available to site teams (word to be chosen).

- 2nd prize for “Best practices and feedback on experience for introducing Covid-19 health and safety measures”. The subsidiary got to grips with the “Covid-19 risk” in the same way as for an “electrical hazard”, emphasizing the fact that, just like employees working in the vicinity of electrical equipment, they now have to incorporate working “in the vicinity of Covid-19”.

- 3rd prize in the “Equipment” category for its “Robotic cleaner”, an innovative service provided for SPIE customers and, above all, a tool that reduces the difficulty and limits the risks of heavy handling work and working at height.

In total, SPIE France subsidiaries received 13 distinctions from SERCE. Wonderful recognition from the profession for SPIE’s safety initiatives and innovations, and a terrific reward to motivate the 19,000 staff members who, on 8 September, are taking part in our 2020 Safety Day