SPIE wins order from Landmarken AG for new location of NRW financial administration in Kaarst

Published on 16 December 2021

Kaarst, 16 December 2021 SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has been selected by project developer Landmarken AG to provide expert advice during the planning and construction phase of a new ultra-modern location for the NRW financial administration. SPIE will focus its expertise on all building management technologies and, once the work completed, take in charge their operation. The project is beginning after a four-year tendering procedure. The works are expected to be completed in 2026.

Optimising life-cycle costs

SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa will provide consultancy and commissioning management services throughout the entire planning and construction phase of a new, ultra-modern property in the town of Kaarst, near Düsseldorf. Landmarken, the second-largest office developer in North Rhine-Westphalia, is implementing the new building with a gross floor area of around 37,000 square metres, in which almost 1,000 employees of the NRW financial administration will work. Many of the financial administration’s processes are automated. “At this new location, the digitalisation of processes will be further accelerated. Innovative approaches are also used for its energy supply. Buildings’ design includes a solar power supply, recycling of heat generated by the data centre and a high-efficiency cogeneration plant to generate power and fresh air,” said Nils Perpeet, Head of Project Development for Office/Specialist Properties at Landmarken AG.

“We are providing advice on the use of energy-efficient technologies and working out a technical plan incorporating all trades in which the complex building and systems technology is coordinated and precisely documented. In doing so, we are bringing our high level of expertise regarding communication and information technology, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, electrical engineering, building automation and user-specific systems technology to bear on the project in a targeted manner – also across operational divisions,” said Georgios Michalopoulos, Head of Sales - Nordrhein-Westfalen at SPIE.

“Because we have been involved in the project from the beginning, we are ensuring a high level of quality in the implementation and are interconnecting the technical facilities via a building management system. We are expediting digitalisation processes and will keep operating costs low in future as well as enable safe and energy-efficient operation,” added Oliver Kosche, Head of Sales – North for the Efficient Facilities operational division at SPIE.

Sustainable and safe operation for at least 20 years

Upon completion of the buildings and successful test operation of all technical facilities, SPIE will be responsible for the operation of the building technology including maintenance and replacement investments – especially in technically sensitive and safety-relevant areas. The term is at least 20 years with an option to extend it twice. The preceding commissioning management will ensure that the technical facilities operate in a safe and sustainable way from the outset. “Here we are providing continuity from planning through to operation. That is ideal. In the future, we will be operating facilities, the installation of which we supervised, so we will know exactly where to begin during operation. All of the necessary data and information on interfaces will be readily available for commissioning – good conditions for enabling a swift transition to trouble-free normal operation. That saves time and money and ensures safety,” said Jörg Hartmann, General Manager for the North Region in the Efficient Facilities operational division at SPIE.

The NRW financial administration requires a high level of availability for the technical facilities. In collaboration with the client, Landmarken, SPIE has developed a suitable redundancy model. “Essentially, this is about options for replacing a failed system within a narrow time frame that also enable the repair of the faulty system,” said Jörg Hartmann.

During normal operation, SPIE, as the party responsible for the operation of the entire property, will be the single point of contact for the NRW financial administration. In addition, the multi-technical service provider will be the intermediary between tenant and landlord for all other topics pertaining to the property.

Trusting and integrated cooperation

“We are delighted and proud to support all aspects of this extensive project for Landmarken and the NRW financial administration and to implement our efficient solutions. In the process, we are helping to realise a property that combines functionality and environmental friendliness and will also maintain this focus during building operations,” said Rainer Hollang, Managing Director/COO of SPIE GmbH and Head of the Efficient Facilities operational division at SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa.

Around 20 SPIE employees were involved in the tendering procedure from February 2018. “The cooperation with the end customer as well as the client, Landmarken, and all of the other parties involved in the project has developed in a very trusting atmosphere over the whole tendering process, dating back over four years,” said Rainer Hollang.

“All those involved in the project have found a way – with common in-depth interface definitions – to put together a coherent integrated service package. We are pleased that with SPIE, we have precisely the right partner for high-quality and efficient technical building facilities by our side,” said Jens Kreiterling, member of the Board of Management of Landmarken AG.