SRH Klinikum in Suhl extends its contract with SPIE

Published on 21 February 2018

Technical facility management and energy efficiency from a single source


Suhl, February 21st, 2018 – The biggest hospital in South Thuringia – the SRH Zentralklinikum in Suhl – is set to continue its successful collaboration with SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa, in charge of technical building management and energy-efficient operation until 2025. The hospital has already saved around EUR 3.25 million net by using a cogeneration unit that the multitechnical services provider installed in 2012 and has been operating ever since, and by converting over 900 lights to LED technology. The German Energy Agency (dena) awarded the “Best Practice in Energy Efficiency” label to the SRH Klinikum in 2014 for energy savings.

The non-profit institution has more than 600 beds and is a major regional hospital as well as a teaching hospital of the Universitätsklinikum in Jena. Each year, the doctors treat around 30,000 in-patients and 45,000 out-patients. In total, the property covers approx. 100,000 square metres, including specialist clinics such as neonatology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and a physiotherapy centre with a therapy pool. The on-site specialist SPIE team always meets the challenging requirements reliably and with a high level of internal performance.

Longstanding partnership

SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa has been ensuring smooth operation at the hospital in Suhl since 2007, providing services across the entire technical building management spectrum including maintenance and repair. “We see ourselves not just as a services provider for our customers, but also as an expert partner that provides services from a single source,” said SPIE’s project manager Jürgen Reinboth. “We collaborate across operational divisions to develop the best solution for our customers together. For instance, we worked with our energy-management specialists to devise a concept with effective measures for boosting energy efficiency.

Significant cost savings

One of these measures is construction of a cogeneration unit with 637 kW of electrical production and 750 kW of thermal production – including 250 kW in the form of steam. SPIE installed this cogeneration unit in 2012 on the basis of an energy-savings contract model with a savings guarantee for the SRH Klinikum. In-house generation of electricity, steam and heat slashes energy costs while helping the environment. After just two years of operation, the investment had already paid off to the tune of EUR 1.3 million net. After around five years, the net cost reduction is some EUR 3.25 million.

The cogeneration unit has very high capacity utilisation: availability is over 90%. Our measures have had a very positive impact,” said Thomas Knorr, senior project manager at SPIE Energy Solutions. The environment benefits as well, with savings of around 2,400 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is equivalent to the emissions generated by around 270 standard households. The collaboration between SPIE and the SRH Group is highly successful. For instance, the multitechnical services provider has also been operating the SRH-Wald-Klinikum in Gera for many years.