“Sustainable mobility”: See You Sun and SPIE innovate with a solution combining solar energy and electric mobility

Published on 22 January 2018

Saint-Denis, January 22nd, 2018 – SPIE CityNetworks and the start-up, See You Sun, are joining forces to develop renewable energy and electric mobility, through an ambitious partnership aimed at businesses, local authorities and players in the property sector.

The system now offered through an unprecedented partnership between SPIE CityNetworks and the start-up, See You Sun, combines solar power with electric charging stations. The principle behind it is to use parking areas to install canopies (parking structures that provide shade) fitted with solar panels and able to cover 10 to 40 parking spaces. These sites are handed over ready-equipped with all the necessary facilities (cable trays, ducts and conduits etc.) to install charging stations for electric vehicles.

Complementary areas of expertise in the drive for sustainable mobility

The two companies have developed this partnership based on their complementary areas of expertise. See You Sun, as a sustainable mobility developer, is the prime contractor. The start-up handles marketing and project development and is responsible for asset management and financing. SPIE CityNetworks is in charge of operating, installing and maintaining the electrical installations and solar panels, and is responsible for their supervision. SPIE CityNetworks, which is seen as one of the market leaders for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, also offers its customers its electric mobility service. In particular, customers can enjoy the benefits of ORIOS by SPIE, a complete range of solutions dedicated to electric mobility, including services to developers (integration, maintenance and a management and administration platform) and user services (call centre, payment service, driver app for smartphone etc.).

Lastly, this range is distinguished by the proposed funding model: See You Sun takes care of installing the canopy and pre-fitting equipment for the charging stations. There is therefore no initial investment required for the building operators.

A virtuous process for property sector players, businesses and local authorities

This solution thus offers customers enormous flexibility as they can adapt their electric mobility contract according to requirements and the pace of technological developments in electric mobility and changes in the related regulations. The production of solar energy allows connections to be pooled and shared and it optimises the final cost of the system (financial and in terms of energy).

Thanks to the production of solar energy, players in the property sector can enhance the value of their land and property assets, especially in a context where pre-wiring for electric vehicle charging stations is becoming mandatory for new buildings and parking facilities. This system also enables businesses and local authorities to develop an approach to social and environmental responsibility, combining decentralised renewable energy sources with electric mobility. The solution offered incorporates the full range of services dedicated to drivers of electric vehicles.