Switzerland: SPIE is strengthening its cybersecurity offering

Published on 09 January 2024

Geneva, 9 January 2024 – SPIE Switzerland, a subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is launching a comprehensive range of cyber security solutions, which will be available in Switzerland from January 2024. These solutions will provide companies with tailored support that encompasses a range of areas including governance, advice on technologies, and managed services.

SPIE ICS AG, the Swiss digital services subsidiary of SPIE, launching new solutions for Switzerland is a strategic turning point that reflects the company's commitment to cyber security and responds to the market's need for qualified experts.

A four-part approach

SPIE's new cyber security portfolio covers four key areas: governance, technology, services and a Security Operations Centre (SOC). Strategic solutions, governance, risk and compliance solutions, CISO(1)-as-a-Service (CISOaaS) and DPO(2)-as-a-Service (DPOaaS) will be available from January 2024, while the SOC will be launched in Q1 2024.

  • Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) – The governance model offered by SPIE in Switzerland includes comprehensive analyses that make it possible to evaluate processes, technologies and the company culture with regard to cybersecurity. SPIE ICS AG helps Swiss companies to achieve ISO 27001 certification and perform internal audits and gap analysis. The company also offers its expertise with regard to checking conformity with the CIS Controls V8(3) and BSI(4) standards, and the FADP-nLPD(5). In addition, tailored outsourcing solutions are offered to SMEs, which include CISO-as-a-Service (CISOaaS) and DPO-as-a-Service (DPOaaS).
  • Technology – In order to offer tailored advice to its customers, SPIE is relying on new partnerships with key IT industry players and a variety of solutions such as Firewalling, EDR, Zero Trust and SASE. Some big names in the financial, governmental and luxury sectors speak very highly of SPIE's expertise.
  • Services – SPIE's services include training sessions to improve employees security knowledge, vulnerability assessments to ensure that assets and suppliers are protected at all times, comprehensive intrusion tests on infrastructure and applications, and code reviews.
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC) – A SOC service will be launched in Q1 of 2024. It will use state-of-the-art AI technology and offer complete coverage of various facets of security.

"Cyber security is not just about the technology deployed, it's about fostering a company culture that promotes vigilance and resilience," highlights Christophe Francey, Chief Technology Officer at SPIE ICS AG. "Bolstered by its experience in the IT and multi-technical services sectors, SPIE is combining its skills to meet its customers' cyber security needs. Our new solution, the only one of its kind on the Swiss market, enables us to enhance the security of Swiss companies and help them develop their business and will be a major growth driver for SPIE ICS AG in the future."

To find out more about SPIE's cyber security portfolio, visit: Cybersecurity.spie.ch.

(1) CISO: Chief Information Security Officer

(2) DPO: Data Protection Officer. A DPOaaS solution allows companies to outsource their data protection obligations.

(3) The CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls) are a set of best practice guidelines drawn up by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to help organisations protect themselves against cyber threats.

(4) BSI specialises in performing the most stringent intrusion tests

(5) New Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection.