Switzerland: SPIE unveils “re-useIT”, a new service for the sustainable and secure management of unused IT hardware

Published on 29 February 2024

Bern, 29 February 2024 – SPIE Switzerland, a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has launched “re-useIT,” an innovative service designed to enhance the decommissioning process of unused IT hardware. Based in Switzerland, this new B2B offer relies on a network of certified partners and adds value to equipment by giving it a second life. It fosters the circular economy in IT environments.

For many companies, decommissioning IT hardware is an ongoing challenge, often resulting in inefficiencies, security risks and a negative impact on the environment. Re-useIT is a B2B platform designed to manage the lifecycle of IT equipment. Thanks to a qualified partner network, it provides comprehensive services such as collection, data erasure in compliance with GDPR legislation, refurbishment, upcycling and the resale of unused or end-of-life IT assets.

Highlights of re-useIT:

  • Best market price: Through re-useIT, companies can obtain a competitive price for their unused IT devices, adding a revenue stream that might have otherwise been overlooked. Re-useIT secures the most competitive market offer by gathering multiple quotes from a solid partner network.
  • Efficiency and convenience: The service provides in-depth expertise in the field of IT refurbishment, saves time in the search for individual buyers and ensures reliable and fast processing.
  • Qualified partner network: By relying exclusively on certified IT refurbishment partners, re-useIT ensures that decommissioned hardware is expertly processed and reintegrated. The growing partner network holds recognised certifications that ensure compliance, safety and transparency at every step of the process.
  • Circular economy: Extending the life of products with re-useIT supports companies’ efforts to achieve greater sustainability.

 “Re-useIT carries forward the legacy of SPIE Switzerland’s dedication to innovation, quality, and environmental awareness. In a context of rapid life cycles for IT hardware, we’re ensuring that resources are optimized in terms of value and simplicity, and are reused responsibly”, explains Pierre Savoy, CEO of SPIE Switzerland.

The service is rooted in a simple yet powerful mission: to contribute to a more sustainable IT infrastructure.

With millions of IT devices produced, operated, and eventually discarded annually, the compliance as well as environmental implications are staggering. Re-useIT presents an actionable solution to this issue. The service ensures that the IT hardware undergoes proper refurbishment before being responsibly reintroduced into the ecosystem”, explains Blerim Rudhani, Head of re-useIT at SPIE Switzerland.

For detailed information about “re-useIT”, visit: www.spie.ch/reuse-it-en