Technical equipment upgrade for Cisco in a live building environment

SPIE UK has upgraded technical facilities at the Cisco UK flagship office in Bedfont Lakes, Feltham with the aim to offer their employees a better work quality. These upgrade works were carried out in a live building environment and had to be undertaken with minimal interruption to the client.

Fact sheet

  • Services: M&E
  • Subsidiary:
  • Year: 2019
  • Tags: Multi-technical Maintenance
  • Status: Completed

SPIE has carried out and encompasses plant replacement in 3no live buildings, including existing boilers and new flue dilution systems, chilled water (CHW) pumps, replacement of kitchen AHU and extractor fan, the installation of a new hot water supply system to serve the kitchen. The replacement of the heat pump that serves the atrium underfloor heating in the largest of the 3no buildings and the installation of new AC units serving the Client Product Demonstration Lab and the Comms Room have also been replaced.

SPIE also upgraded the Building Management Systems (BMS), including the installation of new ADX server and replacement of existing network control & automation engines to meet the requirements of the Metasys Revision 10 software. This upgrade allows to better manage smart spaces and places, leveraging emerging technologies to enhance people’s lives.