TLG IMMOBILIEN AG extends its partnership with SPIE at the astropark

Published on 24 February 2020

Frankfurt am Main, February 24, 2020 – SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is responsible for operation, maintenance, inspection and servicing of the astropark’s offices in Frankfurt am Main. With the latest three-year renewal of the contract, TLG IMMOBILIEN AG is demonstrating its trust in SPIE’s performance and technical expertise.

Reliable management of this challenging office complex

astropark consists of three sections, each with two wings. The total area under management comprises eight floors with rental space ranging from 580 to 1,500 square metres per floor. “I have been familiar with the building for many years now. Much has changed over this period and I am very pleased that we at SPIE have always found a solution to all technical challenges to the satisfaction of the owner and the tenants, and will continue to do so in future,” says Mustafa Aybasti, the SPIE project manager. astropark features state-of-the-art building engineering. At this complex property, SPIE manages BT&A, building engineering, heating and air-conditioning, and ensures the uninterrupted supply of electricity, emergency power and refrigeration. In addition, SPIE is responsible for all failure management and for on-site security services. The multi-technical service provider also handles the refurbishment and upgrading of office space for owners and tenants, provides relocation and caretaker services, and helps with planning and modernising building engineering systems.

Long-standing partnership since 2001

SPIE has already been responsible for managing astropark since 2001. “A permanent on-site team manages the property. With the expansion and upgrading of the location and changes in tenants, our on-site team has also grown continually over the years and is very familiar with the property,” says Frank Piroth, Manager of SPIE’s South Main branch. “Because our team has been working there for so long, we know the office complex very well which gives us an advantage. We can identify optimisation potential for our client early on, remedy faults without delay, and ensure absolutely smooth building operations. Both our client and the building’s users can rest assured that we will always find the best solution.”

Certifications confirm building efficiency

Constructed in 1992, this office property is a green building with an internationally recognised LEED Gold certificate. LEED certification (short for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design“) is seen as the world’s most successful classification system for sustainable buildings and is a voluntary process which aims to foster and promote buildings that are sustainably constructed and operated. “As the building operator, we ensure the conservation of resources, the efficient and long-term use of technical systems and the high performance of the building engineering,” Frank Piroth says. In addition, astropark has once again been recognised with Wide Score certification for its redundant data supply within the entire building complex. “Thanks to a total of five different providers, within the property we achieve a high level of supply security for all of the property’s tenants and users”, Frank Piroth concludes.