UK: SPIE secures contract for design and installation of low voltage power distribution with CNG Services Ltd

Published on 18 July 2022

London, 18 July 2022 – SPIE UK, a subsidiary of SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has been appointed by CNG Services Ltd. to design, supply and install all low voltage (LV) power distribution across a new biogas to grid site and anaerobic digestion (AD) plant owned by GWE Ltd in Driffield.

During the 8-week project, SPIE UK will be responsible for the pre-commissioning of all LV power distribution, instrumentation and communication cabling and associated equipment across the new biogas to grid site and existing anaerobic digestion plant at GWE’s Sandhill Biogas Plant.

The new biogas to grid plant will process and upgrade incoming biogas from existing anaerobic digestion facilities that utilise biodegradable waste through a desulphurization unit and membrane filtration system. During this process, the bulk of the carbon dioxide within the biogas is separated leaving a >97 percent methane rich gas, known as biomethane. Biomethane will then be injected into the National Grid via the Northern Gas Network.

Steven Farmer, Divisional Managing Director at SPIE UK, said “We’ve developed a good working relationship with CNG Services Ltd over the last five years with SPIE having designed and installed the electrical and instrumentation services for a number of these projects nationwide. It’s always a pleasure and we’re excited to undertake this project together.

Declan McLaughlin, Project Manager at CNG Services Ltd, said “Throughout the years, SPIE UK have always demonstrated specialist expertise from concept and design through to implementation and optimisation and that is why we have full confidence that they will deliver to the highest standard.