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United Kingdom

No One Gets Hurt

SPIE UK’s Safety Culture Programme No One Gets Hurt (NOGH) received an upgrade and was re-launched in the summer following the June 2015 Management Conference. At the conference, the details and importance of NOGH was re-emphasised to all senior managers. On the second day of the conference, “JUICE Learning,” which is an organisation that specialises in the communication of HS&E through theatre, conducted a HS&E workshop for participants.

The workshop began with a high impact scene designed to grab the attention of the audience and was followed by an interactive workshop that encouraged the audience to reflect on their own behaviours and the behaviours of their colleagues.

SPIE’s HS & E team had worked with “JUICE learning” to develop a script that was based on a SPIE workplace and involved characters that represented SPIE Senior Management, Middle Management, Site Supervisor and a new SPIE Operative. The characters played out a scene where health and safety wasn’t taken as seriously as it should be, resulting in the SPIE operative being injured. The short production challenged the audience to identify poor behaviours in an interactive way and provided an opportunity for self-reflection. Feedback from those who attended was fantastic, with most sighting the whole experience as the best Health and Safety focused experience that they have ever been involved in. Following the conference, the HS&E team delivered 587 NOGH courses between the time of the conference and the end of the year (2015.) SPIE UK has seen its accident incident rates dramatically cut to an all-time low. We cannot be complacent, though, and will continually emphasise positive health and safety behaviour throughout the company.



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