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Press release
SPIE is equipping the battery assembly centre and logistics centre of the BMZ Group with modern building engineering

• SPIE received contracts to install the complete electrical infrastructure for a new battery assembly centre and for a new logistics centre with a high-bay warehouse for batteries on behalf of the BMZ Group

• The multi-technical service provider is responsible for fitting all electrical installations, information technology and the sophisticated fire alarm systems in both buildings in Karlstein am Main

• The work in the logistics centre with high-bay warehouse for batteries is scheduled to be soon completed, and the services for the battery assembly centre is already successfully completed


Karlstein am Main, 12 May 2020 – SPIE, the independent  European  leader  in multi-technical  services  in  the  areas  of  energy  and communications, equipped a new battery assembly centre of the BMZ Group with modern building engineering. In the company’s new logistics centre, SPIE will soon complete the work which began in August 2019. This contract has been executed by SPIE GfT from Essen, a subsidiary of SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa. In Karlstein in Bavaria, amongst other things the BMZ Group develops and produces high-tech battery systems, which are fitted in the most varied of products of renowned brand-name manufacturers throughout the world—for example also in electric vehicles. The client for both projects is the general contractor LIST Bau, with whom SPIE has already successfully cooperated in the past.


High requirements for fire alarm systems

In addition to the two existing production halls in Karlstein, the BMZ Group has built additional one, as well as a new logistics centre with high-bay warehouse for batteries. This is the only one of its kind in Germany. SPIE is responsible for the complete electrical infrastructure, including power supply cables and distribution systems as well as the complete mains supply connections, not only in the new battery assembly centre but also in the newly built logistics centre. The multi-technical service provider is also realising data lines, the voice and video systems and the sophisticated fire alarm system. “In case of fire, batteries are difficult to extinguish, therefore very stringent fire alarm systems are required. In addition to the installation of fire alarm systems on the ceiling of the halls at a height of 20 metres, we are fitting every high-bay rack with a smoke extraction system (SES), which continually checks the air to detect changes. This enables smoke particles to be detected within seconds and the alarm consequently triggered”, explains Baki Aslan, Project Manager at the executing unit SPIE GfT. “We are laying a total of three and a half kilometres of SES pipe”. The concept for the fire alarm system was approved in advance by the fire brigade. “We are also, amongst other things, installing four kilometres of fire alarm cable, 35 kilometres of data cable, 60 kilometres of other electric cables and 150 smoke detectors in the office and social area, as well as 300 lamps in the total complex”, says Baki Aslan. Since the logistics centre is located on the edge of a bird sanctuary, its lighting during the night meets with special requirements: “Out of 27 light masts which we are installing, only one third shines from a specific time to avoid disturbing fauna. Nevertheless, it must be bright enough at shift change”, says the Project Manager. 

Good cooperation and environmentally friendly operation

Because of changed requirements in the course of the project, SPIE took over additional services in the logistics centre that are currently being implemented. “We introduce many new solutions on behalf of our clients and make improvement proposals for efficient operation. The exchange with clients is good and regular, so that we jointly work out optimal solutions and constructively and quickly respond to new situations, says Baki Aslan. During peak times, the Project Manager is on site with a team of almost 20employees. “Having already successfully completed the installations in the new battery assembly centre, we are now continually working to complete the work in the high-bay warehouse, so that the batteries produced can be optimally stored there”, noted Baki Aslan.

About the BMZ Group:
The BMZ Group is a global leader in developing and producing lithium-ion batteries, and serves as a one-stop-shop manufacturing battery products ranging from single cell batteries to modular and standardized high-voltage large-scale batteries (called big packs) for many different markets. The BMZ Group is headquartered in Karlstein/Main and maintains branch offices in the USA, Poland, France, Japan and China. lt was founded 25 years ago by principal shareholder and CEO Sven Bauer. 

3,000 employees worldwide work with a development team to produce high-tech battery systems for the international market for automotive, e-mobility, energy storage, medical and industrial applications, as well as power tools and garden tools installed worldwide in a broad variety of products by major brands. The company's products range from batteries for electric vehicles and e-bikes, energy storage systems, and portable medical equipment to electric hedge clippers, drills and cordless screwdrivers. BMZ has ramped up its production of medical equipment in response to the current situation. Li-ion batteries for ventilators are in high demand, and the BMZ Group will do everything in its power to meet that demand.


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