Performance improvement solutions

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With business experience recognised throughout Europe, SPIE works every day to help companies improve their performance. The services it provides cover sustainable site development, production equipment efficiency, manufacturing process improvement and service offer optimisation.

Working in all businesses through a local presence network

SPIE is an independent European Group and leader in HVAC systems and electrical engineering services. It also has expertise in mechanics, automated systems, video protection and communications systems. In addition, the Group’s local presence enables it to offer responsive communications and to guarantee project deadlines. SPIE lends these advantages to customer projects across a wide geographic area.

Being active across the entire industrial value chain

In its efforts to improve industrial efficiency and optimise maintenance, SPIE works to streamline organisations, reduce costs and preserve the environment. To do this, the Group combines market knowledge and industry experience to position itself across the entire industrial value chain. SPIE provides its customers with qualified personnel by offering comprehensive training programmes in technical skills, theoretical knowledge and the safety of personnel and installations. These strengths enable the Group to develop innovative solutions that integrate the most effective new technology.

Optimising performance with a comprehensive skillset

SPIE employs its line of specialised technical skills to offer a comprehensive set of services, including the design, development and maintenance of new facilities. The Group’s comprehensive expertise enables it to manage and coordinate all of the services it offers so its customers can focus entirely on their core businesses. SPIE’s performance improvement offer covers four main areas: production equipment, site security, communications and information systems and multi-technical maintenance.