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Pilot plants: research and process industrialisation

You keep control over innovation, SPIE implements your ideas !

The increase in crude oil prices is boosting the research in the field of energy: oil, organic alternatives to crude oil, new fuel types.
Moreover, more stringent legislation on sulfur
emissions fosters the development of new processes.
Finally, the "green chemistry" sector has soared significantly as laboratories keep developing new synthesis technologies.
For many industries and sectors, including refining, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical, SPIE builds pilot plants for research and scaling processes, as well as small-scale production operations.

SPIE expertise

SPIE provides all the skills required to design, build and commission the pilot plants.
The instrumentation and control systems are based on automated monitoring software, facilitating data tracking, analysis and interpretation.
SPIE designs and builds small-sized and modular units, implementing all solutions to ensure safe and reliable operation, and provides all related services, including training and maintenance.


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