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Press release
PPP: a novel solution for public lighting in Savigny and Nandy, France
Cergy, 9 July 2012 – For the first time, two local authorities in France have formed a joint procurement consortium to draw up a public-private partnership agreement with SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest for the renovation of their street lighting and traffic light installations.
The procurement consortium set up by the municipal councils of Savigny-le-Temple and Nandy, in Seine-et-Marne, signed a PPP (public-private partnership) with SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest on July 6 for the reconstruction, energy management and maintenance with guaranteed results of nearly 6,000 street lighting and traffic light units. Work is to start in October this year and is to be completed in December 2013 to provide fully renovated lighting systems.

In 1973, at the time of the creation of the new town of Melun-Sénart, which has since become the new urban area of Sénart, the towns of Nandy and Savigny-le-Temple were just small villages with only a few hundred inhabitants. After nearly 40 years of rapid urban development, they now have populations of about 6,000 and 30,000 respectively. This urbanisation called for the installation of infrastructures satisfying the needs of these fast-developing towns. Street lighting systems dating from the early days of the new town no longer provided the reliable service that the people of Savigny and Nandy were entitled to expect. These obsolete and energy-intensive systems were unable to meet the sustainable development targets set by the two local authorities.

Building on the strength of their combined experience, these two small towns joined forces with the aim of creating a procurement consortium and drawing up a partnership agreement for the renovation of their street lighting, traffic light systems and installations to light up outstanding public buildings.
After a long and strictly regulated tender selection procedure, the procurement consortium chose SPIE Ile de France Nord-Ouest which offered the most suitable solution for the two local authorities. By optimising their investments and without increasing their existing budgets for these services, the proposed package offered to reconstruct and renovate the lighting installations on main roads, access roads and residential streets, and enhance the reliability of the electric power network while achieving energy savings of more than 30%.
The lighting to be provided will be attractive, environmentally-friendly, economical, efficient and effective so as to give the two towns a new harmonious visual identity and enhance their urban settings. PPP in figures:
30% saving on electricity
5,934 light points
5,341 lamp fittings
104 low-voltage electric cabinets in place of medium-voltage cabinets
18 km of renovated underground power network Press contacts

Pascal Omnès
Communications Director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21 
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SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest
Daniel Labanowski
Business Director
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Agence Droit Devant
Philippe Hériard
Tél. : + 33(0)1 39 53 53 33
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