Production equipment

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SPIE is a specialist in developing industrial sites, designing solutions tailored to the various activities of its customers. The Group leverages its wide range of expertise to help companies improve efficiency, while offering a variety of services related to industrial facilities.

A varied skillset

The Group offers a wide range of technical skills covering mechanical and industrial electromechanical engineering, HVAC systems, electricity, robotics, automated systems and instrumentation. The Group’s multidisciplinary skillset enables it to manage complex and multi-technical projects, while its dense network of locations ensures responsive communications and optimal safety conditions for its customers.

A complete range of services

SPIE’s industrial infrastructure services cover a wide range of activities:

  • Facilities development: piping, cables and electrical systems, IT systems, security systems, climate control, industrial electricity, transformer substations
  • Production and maintenance : automation of processes, facility energy performance, production lines, industrial cleaning, industrial refrigeration, fluids, instrumentation for purification plants, water treatment, pumping equipment, industrial piping, storage equipment, connecting oil platforms, etc.
  • Assembly, disassembly and reassembly of mechanical systems: transferring industrial units, plant shutdown
  • Monitoring systems for procedures and access control

A rigorous methodology developed for customers

To provide comprehensive support, SPIE offers a complete set of tools and methods covering all processes:

  • Design and development studies,
  • Project schedules
  • Instrument selection
  • Budget planning
  • Project development
  • Commissioning with a rigorous inspection process during the launch phase

SPIE’s services also integrate regulations in the industrial sector, notably in the field of environmental preservation, where the Group offers several systems for generating significant savings in raw materials and energy.

Continuous innovation

SPIE integrates the latest technology into its industrial services offer. In this way, the Group continuously adds new innovations to its solutions, such as its development of a new generation of laser switches to improve Cofinoga’s data centre architecture, and its development of electrical and industrial facilities to help CERN meet its high quality and technical standards.