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Production process maintenance at AREVA’s MELOX plant

The SPIE Nucléaire/ORYS consortium, led by SPIE, was awarded a maintenance contract for production processes at AREVA’s MELOX plant. 

The contract includes maintenance preparation and work, as well as interchange ability assessments and suggestions for optimising maintenance or parts. Valued at €38 million, the contract began in October 2012 and will conclude in September 2017. During the first year, the contract will mobilise 110 people, 70% of whom are SPIE Nucléaire employees, representing twice the number of SPIE Nucléaire staff already on site.

In its bid for this contract, SPIE Nucléaire successfully presented:

  • a solid technical and commercial offer
  • a complete re-evaluation of the maintenance activity SPIE has taken part in since the plant’s construction
  • responsive, constructive and transparent dialogue with the customer
  • a process for achieving the flexibility level needed by a customer that produces large amounts of MOX,
  • a skills-sharing network, with SPIE creating a "MELOX maintenance school"
  • the technical expertise of Solving EFESO, a specialist in TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and change management, to offer a maintenance optimisation contract that guarantees the optimal operation of facilities and equipment. 


Sébastian Martinez

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Frédéric Zanchi
Fuel Operations Director  

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