Major projects

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Public-private partnership in Leucate

In 2012, SPIE Sud-Ouest signed a public-private partnership with the town of Leucate (Aude, France) to renovate and maintain its entire public lighting infrastructure. 

Valued at €12.9 million, this contract covers two phases over a total period of 15 years. For the first 14 months, a large portion of Leucate’s outdated installations will be replaced, including:

  • 2,723 public lamps
  • 1,946 lampposts
  • 75 electrical cabinets

This initial renovation phase will install higher performance equipment. One of the main priorities is to replace fluorescent bulbs with alternatives that offer optimal energy performance. A "deferred" renovation phase will begin in 2022 to replace 428 lamps and 325 lampposts that comply with energy efficiency standards at this time.

Public-private partnerships offer the advantage of a flexible organisation that is suited to investing large amounts of capital in a short timeframe. The community chose to work with the Group based on the following reasons:

  • Technical quality of SPIE Sud-Ouest’s offer
  • Overall cost
  • Responsive lead times
  • Solutions in energy performance and sustainable development

A remote management system will be set up in the initial renovation phase. Combined with latest-generation lamps (high-pressure sodium and CosmoWhite), this technology helped SPIE Sud-Ouest accomplish a 45% drop in energy consumption in Q1 2013 compared with the same period in 2012. With the highly flexible central management system installed using communicating ballasts fitted in each lamp unit, each light in the town can be remotely controlled by a single person at a single location. Other key advantages include:

  • adapting lighting to the actual needs of each neighbourhood,
  • optimising operating times,
  • monitoring energy consumption in real time.

Lamp brightness can also be adjusted at levels that are imperceptible to the human eye. Throughout the entire contract, SPIE Sud-Ouest will provide a guaranteed maintenance service. As early as the initial project phrase, the subsidiary will guarantee an outage rate under 0.5%, which means no more than 19 of the resort town’s 3,800 lamps will be out of service at the same time. SPIE Sud-Ouest maintenance teams will also respond to repair needs in less than one hour.