Extending the grid connection for a waste-toenergy plant

Fact sheet

  • Services: M&E
  • Subsidiary: SPIE Nederland
  • Year: 2022
  • Tags: Energy transition, Sobriété énergétique
  • Status: Completed

EEW Energy From Waste, a leading waste processor, has launched several projects at their high-tech sewage sludge treatment plant in Oosterhorn, Farsum, with the objective of expanding and optimising their production and processing capacity – all while making their operations more sustainable. To ensure the realisation of their green ambitions, EEW turned to SPIE to extend the site’s existing grid connection.

SPIE’s teams are extending the site’s network by creating 36 distribution networks of 10 kV each and modifying the connections to the transformers and the existing power distribution. SPIE is also realising the site’s automation and safety systems as well as commissioning the entire installation. Thanks to SPIE’s contributions, the electrical energy produced at EEW using waste streams as fuel is powering local companies.


Distribution networks of 10kV each.

576 Megatonnes

Of waste processed annually at EEW’s waste-toenergy plant.