Major projects

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Repair and upgrade work on the nuclear submarine "Le Vigilant"

DCNS Brest performs major repair and upgrade works (loading new missiles) for the French Army on the first three nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines.

SPIE Ouest-Centre’s Shipbuilding and Repair Department initially took part in the repairs during the breakdown of the first submarine, Le Vigilant, at the Ile Longue site near Brest. The team performed critical materials disassembly in the missile compartment.

Upon transfer of the submarine to the Brest naval base, mechanical and pipework operations work continued, including:

  • Repair and upgrade work on the high-pressure air circuit,  
  • Mechanical and boiler work on the Diving Safety equipment of the AV and Diesel Unit.

The project will continue until 2017. The same repairs and upgrades are scheduled for the two remaining submarines: Le Triomphant and Le Téméraire.


Pascal Perron
Shipbuilding and Repair Department

Tel.: +33 2 97 86 15 73