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Press release
A safe and ZEN return to work for SPIE

Cergy, September 7, 2020 – SPIE France, a subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, lays emphasis on safety and the quality of work life as we return to work after the summer.

Ever since its inception in 2018, SPIE France has been investing in its staff members’ quality of work life and introducing more initiatives to guarantee their safety. Events run by the CSR Committee (Corporate Social Responsibility) and QHSSE teams (Quality-Hygiene-Health-Safety-Environment) for the return to work after the summer are part of ambitious action plans aimed at improving staff members’ daily life, making maximum effort to enhance their environment as much as possible and supporting them as regards safety and risk prevention..

So, this Autumn 2020 return to work is being marked by the traditional “Zen Day” on Friday 4th September and, just for this year, by the “Safety Day” initiative, championed and run by all of the Group’s subsidiaries which usually takes place in the Spring, being held almost concomitantly.

A Zen Day for a calm return to work

The 3rd Zen Day being held by all SPIE France subsidiaries is devoted entirely to the quality of work life. This day enables everyone to approach the return to work after the summer calmly and comfortably by reappropriating their work environment to make it more pleasant and functional whilst also, this year, complying with the COVID-19 measures put in place.

All staff members are asked to take the time they need to sort, recycle and improve their work area.

It is an individual and collective action, enabling everyone to do the hundred and one things that are often put off until tomorrow but which have a big impact on peace of mind and comfort in the work place.

Building on the success of the 2019 event, specific workshops are again being held in a digital format.

A dozen webinars have been arranged, run jointly by SPIE staff members, focussing mainly on well-being and everyday health, environmentally responsible actions, digital practices and uses, and the development of the organisations we support. Staff members will also be invited to take part in some sessions reflecting on “The quest for meaning and the quest for performance”, “Joy at work”, “Collective intelligence and creativity” and “Remote working”. The subjects of “The circular economy and responsible consumption” will also by broached. Charles Pépin, the philosopher known for his works on self-confidence and Joy will lead the Philosophy sessions. There will be a dozen other speakers, including the business and executive coach, Claire Saddy, and neuroscience expert, Ricardo Croati, alongside Olivier Domergue, Managing Director of SPIE France, Frédéric Toussaint and Arnaud Tirmarche, Managing Directors of the Industrie and Tertiaire divisions, respectively, of SPIE Industrie & Tertiaire.

Several departments and the entire CSR committee, led by Christophe Santiago-Pérez, joined forces to work on this original, collective initiative to offer SPIE staff members really tangible benefits.

A Safety Day to prevent serious accidents

Held on all our sites, the Safety Day has been a highlight in the SPIE calendar since 2010, involving all of the Group’s staff members every year. The theme chosen for this year’s Safety Day on the 8th September is “Preventing serious accidents: identifying and reporting hazardous situations can save your life”. All of the QHSSE teams have rallied together, along with operational personnel, to lead this day on preventing serious accidents.

Throughout the day, they will stress the fact that detecting, reporting and remedying hazardous situations on sites or in offices can prevent accidents from happening. The speakers will give participants examples of hazardous situations; they will explain how to identify risks, who to report them to, and how to remedy them. Everyone can contribute to the thought process by sharing their own ideas and experience. It’s a subject that concerns us all, and by raising awareness about prevention among as many people as possible and gaining their support, we will succeed in reaching our objective of ZERO ACCIDENTS!

These two events will also serve to remind people of the preventive measures put in place with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and to continue the safe resumption of work by adopting new practices.

This initiative is a credit to the SPIE France community which is constantly strengthening ties between staff members”, says Oliver Domergue, Managing Director of SPIE France. “Positive feedback on these two events held in previous years has encouraged us to keep them in the calendar and strengthen them further. The context of the COVID-19 pandemic has led us to innovate by offering remote workshops that are adapted to health measures and ensure the safety of our teams.”


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