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Press release
"Salon des Maires" 2010 local authorities exhibition - Street lighting audits: the new management tool for local authorities
SPIE presents its comprehensive solutions for local and regional development and amenities for local authorities between November 23 and 25.

Street lighting audits: the new management tool for local authorities

Experts from SPIE's regional subsidiaries will unveil the Group's full range of offerings, based on four main themes: local and sustainable development, public well-being, controlled budget management, energy efficiency, and the integration of renewable energies. The key message will be: local presence. "Above and beyond the absolute necessity of controlling energy consumption, the aim is to implement every aspect of sustainable development so as to address social, environmental and economic needs," explains Daniel Labanowski, sales development manager at SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest. Some concrete examples: In the field of employment, SPIE promotes the recruitment of local people when a new contract is signed. For small towns, every effort is made to offer the best service at the lowest possible price. "Small local authorities often have very limited budgets," points out Daniel Labanowski. "Every euro spent must give a quick and efficient return on investment. Savings that can be made have a direct impact on public finances and the lives of local people." This topic will also be the focus of a conference organised by SERCE* which will be addressed by Daniel Boscari, SPIE's project financing development manager on the subject of "Energy efficiency: what tools for small local authorities?" (Efficacité Energétique et Eclairage Public, quels outils pour les petites communes ?), on November 24, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., in Hall 3 - Room 30). Gaillac: An example of a successful energy audit
At last year's Salon des Maires exhibition, Gaillac, a town with 12,500 inhabitants, in Tarn, France, won a free energy efficiency audit for its street lighting, offered by SPIE. The results were recently presented to the local authority, on November 2. Using a unique technology for the monitoring of light points, which is part of its SPIELUM offering, SPIE used a car fitted with luxmeters, an onboard computer and a GPS to measure the efficiency of the town's public lighting for several consecutive nights. The results showed that some areas were much too brightly lit and that substantial savings could be made. It was also found that the lighting of Gaillac junior high school was inefficient, even though it had been installed recently. "Energy efficiency has been one of our top priorities since 2004," explained Michèle Rieux, Mayor of Gaillac. "But, even though we were already very much aware of this important issue, we didn't expect a result like that. It clearly shows that we still have a lot of work to do." * SERCE: French association of electrical engineering and HVAC companies Press contacts

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