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Press release
School-Business Relations: SPIE strengthens its partnership with INSA Lyon
SPIE announces the signing of a five-year corporate patronage agreement in favour of Fondation INSA de Lyon, aimed at supporting applied research and raising the Group's profile among students at the engineering school.

School-Business Relations: SPIE strengthens its partnership with INSA Lyon

SPIE and INSA Lyon have enjoyed close ties since the early 2000s, with frequent teaching-based exchanges, enabling the school's future engineers to get to know the company, its staff and its business lines through site visits, seminars and in-company workshops. A fruitful, long-term cooperation initiative
In signing an agreement with Fondation INSA de Lyon to sponsor the school's scientific and technological activities, SPIE will provide lasting support for the school's "Au-delà de la science" (Beyond science) development programme. This partnership will enable the company to deepen and broaden its relationship with a number of the school's departments (Electrical Engineering, Telecoms Services & Operation, IT and Energy & Environmental Engineering) and two of its laboratories (CITI-Centre d'Innovation dans les Télécommunications et l'Intégration de Services - telecoms and service integration innovation services, and LIRIS-Laboratoire d'Informatique en Image et Système d'Information - IT for imaging and information systems), which offer teaching and research programmes that match the Group's development priorities. Preparing for the future
Through this patronage initiative, SPIE aims to strengthen its future positioning by recruiting and integrating young graduates with skills that are relevant to the Group's core businesses, from electrical engineering and energy efficiency to transport information systems and digital data transfer. In particular, SPIE will be actively promoting career opportunities among the students, through internships, job offers, international placements, recruitment fairs, job presentations, etc. It will also organise themed meetings as part of the Fondation's lecture programme, to present the Group's business lines, human resources policy and commitments with regard to diversity (SPIE has had its own diversity charter since 2008). For this it will work in tandem with INSA Lyon's Centre Diversité et Réussite(1) (Centre for Diversity and Success), an innovative entity created in September 2009 to implement an ambitious, consistent policy to address the complex challenges of diversity and equal opportunities. "While we have had close ties with INSA for many years now, this patronage agreement will considerably boost our visibility among the students of this prestigious engineering school," remarks Vincent Magnon, the Group's ambassador(2) to INSA Lyon. "This agreement is a crucial part of our policy of building strong links between the company and schools, and recruiting the best talent available in an environment where competition for skilled personnel remains as intense as ever," adds Thierry Baussart, Chief Executive Officer of SPIE Sud-Est. (1) Centre Diversité et Réussite Centre Diversité et Réussite organises initiatives on the ground to promote diversity in all its forms. As part of a long-term commitment to this policy, it has initiated early-stage research into the impact of diversity on creativity and innovation in the context of training and engineering.

(2) Ambassadors SPIE has set up a network of "ambassadors" to help develop relationships between the company and schools. These ambassadors may be operating or functional staff, and in most cases, represent the company through discussion forums and small workshops in the schools they themselves attended. They also give specific business line presentations, take part in teaching programmes, organise site visits, present career development gateways within SPIE and help to organise partnerships and special events. Press contacts

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