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Press release
School-Businesses Relations: SPIE Communications gives École Polytechnique students the opportunity to discover its careers and "Cloud and Operated Services" business

Malakoff, 8 February 2016 - Students of the École Polytechnique in their 2nd year were welcomed by the SPIE group’s digital services subsidiary within one of its data centers in Paris for their internship. In this context, the future graduates of the École Polytechnique were given a presentation of the company, and were able to learn about its jobs dedicated to the Cloud and operated services.

Keen to accompany its students as they take their first steps into the working world, the École Polytechnique, supports and guides them in their career plans through its Internship, Career Assistance Resource and Business Relations Centre (SOIE) in partnership with businesses.

The involvement of businesses in the students’ course programmes can be seen in a wide variety of ways: for instance, they organize mock interviews, offer internships, sit on the panel during internship presentations, and even propose subjects for the 2nd year students’ Group Science Projects.

In order to help its 2nd year students decide which internship to take, the École Polytechnique in particular organizes visits to various companies. These visits give the students a unique opportunity to hone their knowledge of the professional world and learn more about the different types of jobs existing in a company. These visits also allow them to interact with professionals, benefit from their advice and share their feedback, and above all to develop a coherent career plan that matches their expectations.

Discovering an innovative data center

The open day organized at one of SPIE Communications’ data centers in Paris, which was held on 28 January for a group of about ten students, falls in line with that approach. The visit gave the future graduates of the École Polytechnique the chance to find out about the diversity of the jobs existing within the SPIE Group’s digital services subsidiary, and also the chances for internal mobility and career opportunities. From an operational perspective, the students were able to witness a real-life data center in action and learn about all its specific features, see how the management of client projects progressed, and discover the innovative solutions proposed by SPIE Communications concerning Operated Services and the Cloud.

“I am particularly interested in the innovations linked to the data centers. During the visit, I was able to see for myself just how vital it is to keep a data center cool. I was genuinely bowled over when the people working at SPIE Communications told us that the company is working to recover the heat that is constantly being emitted by the servers, in order to convert it into smart energy,” says Bunthan Iea, one of the students who benefited from the open day (X2014).

The SPIE Group – committed to incorporating an operational dimension into academic courses

As part of its programme for establishing relationships with academic institutions, the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has forged partnerships with Europe’s foremost engineering schools specialising in IT and telecommunications.

In order to ensure a high degree of pedagogical coordination with its partner academic institutions, the SPIE group provides each of them with an Ambassador. As operational players, these Ambassadors work either in the institution from which they graduated or in other establishments, on forums or at specially designated meetings.

They are all working towards a common goal: attracting future employees, and increase SPIE’s visibility, its activities and its jobs. The Ambassadors provide students with the support needed to develop their own career paths, and show them what training programmes and recruitment opportunities (as interns or engineers) are being offered by SPIE and its subsidiaries.

The visit to one of the data centers of the subsidiary SPIE Communications, which took place on 28 January and involved 2nd year students at the Ecole Polytechnique, falls in line with this approach.

“By setting up these various partnerships, we are seeking to make the Group more attractive to the next generation of talents,” says Patricia Léné, Head of Human Resources Development at SPIE Communications. “Just like last week’s visit to one of our data centers, which was jointly organized with the École Polytechnique, the educational initiatives that we are developing have the goal of stimulating our recruitment policy.”



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