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Press release
School-corporate relations: SPIE signs a partnership with INSA in Strasbourg
Paris, 10 January 2012 – The SPIE Group, Europe's leading service provider for the electrical and mechanical engineering, HVAC, energy and communication system sectors, has penned a partnership agreement with INSA, a top engineering school in Strasbourg.
Strengthening school-corporate ties
This partnership strengthens SPIE's ties with one of the eastern France's top engineering schools in the fields of thermal and electrical engineering. It will allow the Group to develop special links with INSA engineering students, so that it can highlight the career opportunities it offers and recruit graduates from the school. And it provides INSA Strasbourg with an additional means of helping its students become better acquainted with the corporate world and of optimising its graduates' chances of finding jobs using the specialised training they have received. SPIE has been assisting INSA Strasbourg with assistance with the organisation of with site visits and post-graduation trips HVAC and environmental engineering students. Playing an active part in school life
For SPIE, this partnership entails making a real contribution to life at the school: taking part in the organisation of admissions, the defence of theses, conferences, visits by partner companies, providing professionally oriented teaching sessions and advising students, etc. The Group will also organise specific events such as interview simulations, career information sessions and talks focussed on speakers' own professional experience. SPIE will also help to finance teaching equipment, especially for the HVAC field, through the France's training tax. For its part, INSA is to invite SPIE to the school's various events (such as job forums), circulate job and work placement offers in partnership with the INSA engineers association, and to organise careers conferences. The engineering school will also set up meetings between firms and future work placement candidates, known as "Training Dating" sessions, to which SPIE will be invited. A joint commission comprising representatives from SPIE and INSA Strasbourg will regularly monitor the partnership's implementation. “This partnership is an excellent means of ensuring we are able to recruit highly qualified young employees with undeniable human qualities,” says Fabio Di Mario, SPIE's Human Resources Development Director. “And it demonstrates INSA and SPIE's joint interest in developing energy efficient solutions.” About INSA Strasbourg and the INSA Group
INSA Strasbourg is a public institute of scientific, cultural and professional education. Its main purpose is to provide initial training for engineers and architects. INSA covers the follows fields and disciplines: architecture, topography, civil engineering, plastics engineering, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, HVAC and energy engineering. INSA Strasbourg is part of the INSA group, France's leading school of engineering and architecture in terms of number of graduates a year. The INSA group combines France's five national institutes of applied sciences (Lyon, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg and Toulouse) providing five-year training courses for secondary school leavers and two INSA-affiliated schools (ENSI Bourges and ENSCI Limoges). INSA's 18 major areas of study cover every field of engineering and architecture. The group, which implements key principles of openness and diversity, offers courses of international scope with focus on specific areas and topics, so that all students can fulfil their study ambitions. The training provide is well matched to companies' social and economic needs, as borne out by graduates' high success rate in finding jobs. Press contacts

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Human Resources Development Manager
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INSA Strasbourg
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Communications Manager
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Agence Droit Devant
Philippe Hériard
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