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SIOUX platform: a new ecosystem dedicated to innovation and knowledge management at SPIE

Launch scheduled for the Group’s Innovation Day on 29 November


Cergy, November 28th, 2017 – SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is preparing for its inaugural Innovation Day, which will be held as an internal forum on 29 November 2017. Nearly 200 employees and partners will be able to take part in workshops and find out about the innovative solutions offered by each of SPIE’s subsidiaries. The event will also mark the official launch of the SIOUX platform, which embodies the spirit of sharing, innovation and entrepreneurship running through the Group.

SIOUX: SPIE Innovation and Operation excellence User eXperience

In today’s age of digital transformation, which entails an increasingly systematic use of social networks, SPIE’s Operational Excellence and Innovation Division is helping to develop a new creative and sharing ethos within the Group by launching the SIOUX knowledge management platform, in partnership with ARDANS, a firm specialising in information management and one of the leading players in the field of knowledge management. The aim is to place employees at the heart of the innovation process by allowing them to put forward ideas and share opinions, and also to seek out information and useful benchmarks on an intuitive platform.

Available in four languages and accessible to every SPIE employee, SIOUX is an ideas incubator that enables best practices to be spread, all whilst creating a certain sense of competition within SPIE. Just like a social network, the ideas are then voted on by the SPIE community – via an online ‘like’ system – before being validated by a national adviser. The latter acts as the guarantor for the quality and relevance of the ideas put forward, and is assisted in this respect by a panel of experts who assess the technical aspects. The idea progresses through the tabs of the platform according to its level of maturity: from simple proposal to innovation. Those who come up with the best ideas are rewarded with a trophy: candidates are nominated from each subsidiary, and the winners are then chosen by the ‘innovation club’ at Group level. Ultimately, the platform will make it possible to turn an idea into a new tool or a new service.

A new ecosystem dedicated to innovation

“We have designed SIOUX as a collaborative space for promoting creativity, by forging a cross-cutting dynamic in all the subsidiaries and divisions of the Group”, explains Florent Billottet, SPIE’s Operational Excellence and Innovation Director. “We are helping our employees to adopt this new platform. We have therefore called on the start-up company Solide to lead creativity workshops, which will be recorded in a logbook that will be circulated on our internal networks. We are planning to make this platform available to our external partners in the medium term, as part of an open innovation approach.”

The Innovation Day scheduled for 29 November will be held in this same spirit. For the very first time at Group level, both the management team and employees are invited to take part in creativity and brainstorming workshops. They will focus on innovative solutions such as ORIOS, which involves the remote surveillance of charging stations for electric vehicles, or on future topics of interest for SPIE, such as predictive maintenance and Building Information Modelling (BIM). The SIOUX platform, which will be available in a mobile version by 2018, will be officially launched on that day, which marks a watershed moment in SPIE’s innovation policy.



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Group Communications Director
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Operation Excellence & Innovation Director
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