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Site and network security

Through its Site & Network Security activity, SPIE Ouest-Centre delivers expertise in securing industrial, service sector and military sites in France and abroad.

An integrated approach

From integration to development to hypervisors, SPIE Ouest-Centre provides solutions tailored to its customers’ industrial sites:

  • "Hypervisor"-centralised solutions for running multiple systems
  • Tailored and flexible equipment choices
  • Support for creating or overhauling a Central Security Desk

A global response

  • Risk analysis
  • Engineering
  • Development and commissioning
  • Maintenance

Physical and electronic solutions for site security

  • Video monitoring (image analysis, etc.)
  • Intrusion detection
  • Access control

Our technical expertise

  • Multi-technical analysis for facility locations
  • Production facilities optimisation (upgrades and compliance with standards)
  • Support logistics (handling for air and/or sea shipping, transport)
  • Production site reassembly and commissioning
  • Multi-technical maintenance



Installation and maintenance services for:

  • Intrusion Detection (NF 367 – I81) ABC category
    Certificate no. 130/10/367-81
    ETA SPIE Ouest-Centre Migné-Auxances
  • Video monitoring (NF 367 – I82)
    Certificate no. 042/10/367-82
    ETA SPIE Ouest-Centre Migné-Auxances
    Certifications awarded by AFNOR Certification -
    and CNPP Cert -


Security, Systems and Networks Activity
1, rue Gros Guillaume – BP 95130
35651 Le Rheu Cedex

Tel.: +33 (0)2 99 04 88 88