Site security

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SPIE works with its customers to ensure the safety of their personnel, sites and installations, while meeting all relevant safety standards. The Group offers comprehensive solutions to meet a variety of specific needs: video protection, access control, fire prevention systems, etc.

Ensuring building security

A leader in electrical engineering installations, SPIE offers a wide line of security systems for public and professional facilities. In building inspection and security, SPIE offers more than 15 years of experience, employs dedicated experts in fire safety systems and provides services in electrical engineering, access control and video protection.

Securing transport infrastructure

The Group offers tailored solutions in sectors such as airports, rail stations, and river and maritime facilities. This has led to many service contracts with international airports. For example, the Strasbourg airport in France turned to SPIE to renovate its access control and video protection systems, which now run on a single software interface. The Group provides a variety of expertise to improve the efficiency of these facilities, notably in pathway indications, control consoles, passenger jet bridges, baggage sorting and inspection, centralised technical management and building management.

Advanced expertise in safety at high-risk sites

SPIE has recognised expertise in promoting safety at high-risk sites. The Group provided accident prevention and flood management solutions for the development of the Belliard underground retention basin near Brussels (Belgium). Including hydrostatic measurement of water levels, hydraulic sluice gates to regulate flow to transfer drains and dynamic imaging for monitoring, the solution helps sustainably protect Brussels from the risk of flooding.

Risk prevention is also a fundamental challenge in nuclear energy, where safety standards continue to grow more rigorous. The Group offers audit services, bunkers for control rooms, safety systems maintenance and facilities decommissioning.