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Press release
South-East: SPIE rolls out and operates the largest regional network of charging stations for electric vehicles

882 stations managed entirely by SPIE across 5 departments.

Feyzin, 21 March 2016 - SPIE Sud-Est has announced the signing of a contract with 5 energy syndicates of departments in the South-East of France relating to the roll-out, operation and supervision of a network of 882 stations for rechargeable electric and hybrid vehicles.

Initiated by an association formed of energy syndicates from the departments of Haute-Savoie, Isère, Drôme, Ardèche and Hautes-Alpes*, this contract encompasses the provision, installation, operation, supervision and maintenance of a planned network of 882 charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles: 250 stations in Haute-Savoie (including 4 rapid charge stations), 305 stations in Isère, 115 in Drôme (including 1 rapid charge station), 132 in Ardèche and lastly 80 in Hautes-Alpes (including 11 rapid charge stations). This pooling of investments therefore means that electric mobility is set to become an everyday reality in the South-East of France, by offering users an unparalleled network of charging stations. The aim is to enable drivers of electric vehicles to travel all over the five departments without running out of power.

Providing associated mobility services for users

In addition, SPIE Sud-Est will be responsible for running the commercial, electronic payment and technical services relating to the network of charging stations on behalf of these 5 energy syndicates. This comprehensive offer, called ORIOS, ranges from remote surveillance of the stations, to the administrative and commercial management of the services provided to users, and also includes the implementation and management of electronic payment solutions. In relation to the latter, SPIE has in particular developed a mobile solution for drivers which integrates payment by means of contactless bank cards or subscription cards, with the ability to sign up via a dedicated web portal. Another service provided is the option for drivers to use their smartphones to find an available charging station, reserve it and then start the charging.

“This contract marks a major step in the SPIE Group’s commitment to electric mobility, with a view to providing services to ‘our customers’ customers’, i.e. users of electric vehicles”, notes Olivier Moinet, Head of the Network Department within SPIE Sud-Est. “In addition to the installation of the charging stations, we will also be managing all of the associated services, in order to give our customers greater peace of mind and to make the service as user-friendly as possible”.

* The Energy Syndicate of the Department of Ardèche (SDE 07), The Energy Syndicate of the Department of Drôme (Energie SDED), The Energy Syndicate of the Department of Isère (SEDI), The Energy and Digital Development Syndicate of Haute-Savoie (SYANE), The Mixed Electricity Syndicate of Hautes-Alpes (SYME05). SYANE is the coordinator for the group.



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