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Press release
SPIE acquires MADAULE Group

Louis Madaule chooses SPIE to ensure the future of and develop the activity of his family owned group.


Narbonne, 20 January 2014 - SPIE (through its subsidiary SPIE Sud-Ouest) announces the acquisition of MADAULE Group (Head Office located in Narbonne-Aude).

A leader in the Narbonne industrial environment, MADAULE Group is a multi-technical family owned group structured by business lines. Founded in 1924, it quickly became the local flagship industry thanks to its founder and his children, all very involved in the local economy. Keeping its name as well as its identity, Louis Madaule, the group’s former CEO, will continue to support its sales development.

“After having debated for a long time about what the future would hold for MADAULE, selling it to SPIE seemed, in my opinion, to be the best decision to ensure that the Group could continue to develop its activities in an optimal way,” said Louis Madaule, the former CEO. “This is not simply a merger, but teamwork between two companies with nearly the same corporate culture. I personally will continue my commitments to our town and associations I support, while continuing to follow MADAULE’s development, ensuring them of my skills and knowledge in sales and marketing.”

A multi-technical Group
MADAULE Group currently employs a staff of 99, and in 2012 its revenue amounted to 16.5 million euros. Its shareholders were mainly composed of Madaule family members until it was acquired by SPIE, and it is composed of four companies:

  • MADAULE ET FILS: An entity specialised in electrical installation, renovation and maintenance in tertiary facilities.
  • SNE MADAULE: An entity specialised in networks and External works.
  • MADAULE AUTOMATION: Entity an entity specialised in industrial processes and automatics, a subsidiary of SNE MADAULE.
  • MADAULE ENERGIE: An entity specialised in connecting photovoltaic solar power stations.

This acquisition will thus allow SPIE to considerably increase its markets in the French Aude and south of the Hérault regions (port sector, petrochemicals, water, large infrastructures concerning the high-speed train line (TGV) from Montpellier to Perpignan, etc.).

“Because of its corporate culture targeting excellence, its know-how, the diversity of its activities, its many large return markets in public and private sectors, MADAULE is a benchmark company in our field of activity,” said Bruno Vandermeersch, the SPIE Sud-Ouest Sales Development Manager. “We totally trust MADAULE employees as well as Louis Madaule to continue developing the Group.”


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