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Press release
SPIE and ICF sign the first Energy Performance Contract for social housing
Paris, 11 October - The ICF group - the housing subsidiary of French railway company SNCF – has entrusted SPIE with energy efficiency-related renovation work at its pilot project for 64 dwellings in Schiltigheim, Alsace.
47% energy savings
Through this Energy Performance Contract (EPC) supervised under the auspices of the European FRESH(1) project, SPIE undertakes to cut the total energy consumption of dwellings by 47% subject to penalties covering a significant portion of any excessive energy consumption. This is the first third-party funded EPC to be signed in the social housing sector in France. It is also the first time that the supplementary amount added to rents, i.e. the portion of its investment that social housing operators can recover from tenants in accordance with France's MOLLE(2) law, will be fully guaranteed by a company. What is more, it is also the first EPC entailing major works on a building to be signed specifically implementing IPMVP(3) measurement and verification procedures, which are the only way building owners can guarantee, when the contract is signed, that undertakings on energy performance will be complied with. Approved dwellings
After more than a year of competitive negotiations, the solution finally adopted provides for a statutory classification of the refurbishment of the four buildings, ranging from HEP to LEB(4) approval for half the dwellings. In addition to reducing primary energy consumption (electricity for heating and gas for domestic hot water), SPIE's offer directly optimises total energy consumption, which is of benefit to occupants. Overall, energy consumptions will be cut by at least 47% and CO2 production will be reduced by 60%. In its capacity as a comprehensive operator (covering design, construction , operation and maintenance), SPIE is showing, through this project, that EPCs - especially those concerning social housing refurbishment - can be signed even if energy supply is not covered by the contract. Preserving investment capacity
The third-party financing solution proposed by SPIE offers ICF the possibility of carrying out operations enhancing the “green value” of its real estate assets without compromising its ability to invest in the rest of its rented housing stock. With this new contract, following the first services-related EPC which was signed with Saint-Etienne Museum of Modern Art, SPIE is confirming it leading position in the exemplary implementation of energy performance contracts, i.e. with the essential aim of improving measurable and verifiable energy consumption. Adrien Bullier, sustainable development manager at the ICF group, explains: "This contract represents a positive step towards the creation of new financing models. In spite of all statutory obstacles, the Schiltigheim EPC provides concrete proof that companies can guarantee performance for work carried out on an overall basis and in the long term, and that they can set up financial packages catering for social housing operators' needs to externalise energy investments." (1) FRESH: Financing Refurbishment Energy For Social Housing
(2) France's MOLLE law of 25 March 2009 for mobilisation for housing and the fight against exclusion
(3) IPMVP: International Performance Mesurement and Verification Protocol
(4) HEP: High Energy Performance – LEB: Low-energy building About ICF Habitat
ICF Habitat, a subsidiary of French railway company SNCF, has a leading position in France's social and free-market sector with a housing stock of more than 100,000 dwellings, 82% of which are social housing (78% flats and 22% individual dwellings). Its four social housing subsidiaries (ICF Habitat La Sablière, ICF Habitat Nord-Est and ICF Habitat Atlantique, ICF Habitat Sud-Est Méditerranée) and its subsidiary offering free-rent accommodation (ICF Habitat Novedis) together cover the whole of France with a network of more than 30 agencies. Press contacts

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