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Press release
SPIE and Saint-Etienne Métropole urban authority sign the first energy performance service contract in France
Saint-Etienne Métropole and the SPIE Group signed the first energy performance service contract for the renovation of energy consuming systems at Saint-Etienne's modern art museum.
This public energy performance contract, in line with European recommendations and encouraged by France's Grenelle environmental guidelines, is the first of its type in France. Its aim is to achieve a 40% saving on energy consumption for heating, ventilation and air conditioning at Saint-Etienne Métropole Museum of Modern Art(1) for an eight-year period as from 2013 while optimising visitors' comfort and conserving works of art.

Contractually stipulated undertakings

In signing this contract, SPIE has undertaken to comply with the three key requirements inherent in an energy performance contract of this type. 1st undertaking: Effective action to be taken to enhance energy performance without modifying the existing building, by designing a new, more economical heating and air conditioning system (such as by replacing energy-intensive equipment with a air-water heat pump coupled to two gas boilers, installing a heat recovery unit on air treatment installations) and improving control by means of a central management system. Special care will be taken to optimise the management of air conditioning, temperature and relative humidity in order to preserve all the works of art. "Improving the site's energy efficiency entails replacing outdated equipment and also maintaining equipment and optimising its performance on a day-to-day basis," points out Marc Journaux, deputy CEO of SPIE Sud-Est. "That's what we mean by the word "service" when talking about energy performance service contracts." 2nd undertaking: Reduce the final consumption of the whole installation. The art museum and SPIE have defined a reference level that will be used to measure actual energy savings. SPIE's undertaking to cut consumption is stated in the contract in a special clause specifying financial implications. 3rd undertaking: SPIE will implement a metering and verification plan based on the international IPMVP(2) protocol which is recognised by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing and ADEME (the French environment and energy management agency). This metering plan, which is the only way to show the client that performance undertakings have been fulfilled, involves installing subsidiary meters to accurately gauge the energy savings achieved. The work to be carried out is worth €430,000 and will enable the art museum to cut its energy consumption by 40% as from 2013 when the performance guarantee comes into effect. In addition, SPIE will take charge of the operation and maintenance of the equipment ensuring energy production and comfort in the museum for a 10-year period starting on 1 January 2011. .

Validating a model

The energy performance contract is also the first in France to demonstrate the possibility of reducing a building's energy consumption in line with Grenelle environmental requirements without necessitating work on the building's existing structure. "Thanks to its low cost and easy implementation compared with partnership contracts tested up until now, it provides an ideal example to support the energy-related renovation of government buildings used by the State and local authorities which are its prime target area," emphasises SPIE services development director Pascal Jean. "This first contract illustrates SPIE's aim to propose environmentally friendly offerings in all its business fields. As the first company to be awarded the SERCE award for energy efficiency, SPIE is also demonstrating the expertise of its local branches in the area of energy optimisation." (1) 80% of the site's total energy consumption
(2) International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol Press contacts

Pascal Omnès
Communications Director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21

SPIE Sud-Est
Frédérique Hémery
Tel.: +33 (0)4 72 21 14 39

Agence Droit Devant
Philippe Hériard
Tel.: +33 (0)1 45 77 02 45