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Press release
SPIE and Saint-Gobain Sekurit develop their partnership

Highly efficient compressed air production: a new performance of SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH at Saint-Gobain’s site in Herzogenrath


Essen, 28 July 2016 – Automotive glazing manufacturer Saint-Gobain Sekurit Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG and SPIE GmbH, a major supplier in multi-technical services, are continuing to expand their cooperation in the area of energy supply: SPIE Energy Solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of SPIE GmbH, is now also to assume responsibility for the production of compressed air at Saint-Gobain’s German site in Herzogenrath. This contract extends the existing framework agreement for the delivery of useful energy.

The supplementary contract involves the modernisation and optimisation of compressed air production systems at the Herzogenrath plant. Saint-Gobain Sekurit produces tempered safety glass there for rear and side windows for cars. The aim of this arrangement, which is to run until 2023 at least, is to develop future-safe technology and to achieve associated energy savings in the area of compressed air production.

Comprehensive concept

The concept developed by SPIE is based on an improvement in energy efficiency through heat recovery on the compressors. Additional savings can be achieved by linking up to the heating network and washing water-heating systems. SPIE will establish the appropriate technical conditions with comprehensive modernisation and expansion of the existing systems. As part of these efforts, the fluids (R22) of refrigerant dryers will also be switched to an environmentally friendly alternative.

As well as offering energy-efficient operation, the fully refurbished systems meet the highest standards in terms of availability and operating safety. At the same time, compressed air production is designed for varying load situations, as expected in future. Service and maintenance are also part of the contract with SPIE. All key parameters for compressed air production and preparation are monitored online and mapped in the SPIE central control system.

Long-established cooperation

The supplementary contract now agreed continues cooperation between SPIE and the Saint-Gobain industrial group at the Herzogenrath site which dates back to 2004. The current main contract has been running since 2011. It includes, for example, the construction of a cogeneration power station and the modernisation of air-conditioning and process cooling systems. SPIE also supplies electricity and heat as a contracting partner.



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Communications Director
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Communications Officer
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