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Press release
SPIE and the town of Leucate (Aude) sign a public-private partnership for the renovation and maintenance of all the local authority’s street lighting installations

2,723 lamps to be replaced in the first 14 months
This 15-year contract, worth €12.9 million, is to be performed out in two phases. In the first 14 months, a major portion of the ageing installations in the Leucate urban area are to be replaced. This will involve changing 2,723 street lamps, 1,946 lampposts and 75 electric cabinets.
During this first phase of the renovation project, the current lighting fittings will be replaced by much more efficient new equipment. The top priority will be to replace the existing mercury-based lamps as they are extremely inefficient.
Another renovation phase will be deferred until 2022 when work is to begin to replace 428 lamps and 325 lampposts which, for the moment, still comply with energy efficiency requirements.
A big advantage of a public-private partnership is that it offers flexible organisation permitting very substantial expenditure in a very short time. The technical quality of SPIE Sud-Ouest tender, its overall cost, its responsive lead times and the attractiveness of its proposals in terms energy management and sustainable development were key factors in this urban authority's decision to entrust this project to our company. An undertaking to energy savings of 45% by the 1st quarter of 2013
A remote management system is to be installed as from the first renovation phase. By using this technology in combination with latest-generation lamps (high-pressure sodium and CosmoWhite), SPIE Sud-Ouest can already be certain of reducing energy consumption by 45% by the first quarter of 2013.
Thanks to this highly flexible central management system, with communicating ballasts fitted in each lamp unit, each lighting point can be remotely controlled by just one person. Other key benefits include the ability to adapt lighting to the actual needs of the urban area's different districts, optimise operating times and monitor energy consumption in real time. The brightness of each lighting unit can also be modulated without the difference being noticeable to the human eye.
In addition, SPIE Sud-Ouest has undertaken to provide maintenance with guaranteed results throughout the duration of the contract. When the first works phase is completed, the failure rate must never exceed 0.5%, meaning that no more than 19 of the seaside resort's 3,800 lighting points must be out of order at the same time. The repair lead time to be ensured by SPIE Sud-Ouest's work crews will be less than one hour. "Building on the experience gained in our PPPs (public-private partnerships) with Sénart en Essonne, Moissy-Cramayel (Seine-et-Marne), Arcachon (Gironde) and Val-de-Reuil (Eure), we are able to provide Leucate with comprehensive expertise which will ensure that this seaside resort is better lit while also making energy savings," says Jean-Louis Dufau, Director of the Languedoc-Roussillon infrastructure and networks office.