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Press release
SPIE awarded “CHP Plant of the Year 2018”

- The CHP (combined heat and power) plant of the Klinikum am Bruderwald Hospital in Bamberg has been awarded “CHP Plant of the Year 2018”.

- The title was awarded by the specialist publisher “Energie & Management” in collaboration with the German CHP Association (Bundesverband Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung)

- As the planner and installer of the plant, SPIE won this award along with Sozialstiftung Bamberg (the operator) and Stadtwerke Bamberg (the contractor).

Ratingen, April 10, 2019 – Planned and implemented by SPIE, the Combined Heat and Power plant of the Klinikum am Bruderwald Hospital in Bamberg has been awarded “CHP Plant of the Year”. From now on, it will serve as a model for other CHP plants. Along with its project partners (Stadtwerke Bamberg as contractor and Sozialstiftung Bamberg as operator), SPIE received the award from the specialist publisher “Energie & Management” and the German CHP Association (Bundesverband Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung).

A role model for other plants

All CHP plants featured in the “Energie & Management” magazine between January and November last year were nominated for “CHP Plant of the Year 2018”. According to the review, it was decided to award the prize to the Klinikum am Bruderwald Hospital in Bamberg, as the energy supply concept for the extension and redesign of an existing CHP plant could serve as a model for other plants. The hospital’s concept also offers exemplary solutions for new CHP systems. The “excellent cooperation” between the operator, contractor and planner regarding the plant concept was also highlighted as a key factor.

More than 50 percent of the electricity and heat demand is self-generated

The CHP plant, which supplies the hospital with cold, heat, electricity and steam, was planned and implemented by SPIE and Stadtwerke Bamberg in the form of an Energy Savings Performance contract in collaboration with the Sozialstiftung Bamberg (“Bamberg Social Foundation”) responsible for the hospital. “As part of our eleven-year energy-efficiency partnership, we optimised the generation of electricity, heat, air conditioning and processed outdoor air for the Bamberg Social Foundation in 2006/2007 to save energy. However, we did not content ourselves with the savings we had achieved; instead, we continuously looked for further optimisation possibilities”, says Thomas Knorr, Project Manager at SPIE. The conventional CHP plant was replaced by a more powerful one in 2016. In 2018, approximately 50 percent of the hospital’s electricity and 54 percent of its heat consumption have been covered by the new CHP plant.

A significant increase in overall efficiency

In order to make even better use of the plant throughout the year, it was extended by an absorption chiller. In summer, this latter uses a large part of the thermal capacity of the CHP unit for cooling. The use of radiant heat from the engine and of the heat that has to be cooled from the boiler room further Erreur ! Référence de lien hypertexte non valide.increases the CHP plant’s efficiency. This is then fed into the heating circuit via recirculating air-cooling units and a heat pump. “The extension of the plant and the use of radiant heat from the engine have led to a significant increase in overall efficiency,” says Thomas Knorr. The primary energy requirement was reduced by 26 percent compared to the separate production of electricity and heat. Furthermore, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 7,000 tonnes a year with the modernised system.



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