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Press release
SPIE awarded a new contract for the technical modernisation of a Rewe centre in Gießen

Gießen, July 27, 2020SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has been awarded a new contract for retrofitting a Rewe Centre from the 1990s, in Gießen. This includes the complete energy system improvement of the building during ongoing operations and the technical modernisation of the entire sales area. The client is Rewe Markt GmbH, one of Germany’s biggest food retailers and part of the Rewe Group - which the Penny supermarkets also belong to.

Modernization during ongoing supermarket activity

The Rewe supermarket’s energy consumption is to be considerably reduced through the energy system improvement. To achieve this, the refrigeration system must be renewed and equipped with climate-friendly CO2 refrigeration systems. SPIE is hereby responsible not only for the complete wiring of the refrigeration system, but also for the building’s ventilation system. Furthermore, the multi-technical service provider is installing a new security lighting system and is retrofitting the existing lighting to use energy-efficient LED lamps. “The important advantages of LED lighting are the very long operating life of the lamps and the low energy consumption. By using them the energy efficiency can be considerably increased here”, explains Andreas Philippi, responsible Team Manager of SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa in the Operational Division Building Technology & Automation.

In addition to the energy system improvement, the contract also includes the adaptation of the 5,400 square metres of sales area to the Rewe Group’s new concept “Supermarket 2020”. Amongst other things, the service counter is also thereby being renewed. Furthermore, the butcher’s meat processing rooms are also being improved. “For us, it is a particular challenge to perform the modernisation work at the Rewe Centre during ongoing operations. Customers can continue shopping, and precise planning and reliable project management are therefore decisive factors in determining successful implementation of the project”, explains Andreas Philippi.

Successful cooperation since 1980

SPIE and the food retailer Rewe have engaged in a strong partnership for many years. Back in 1980 the multi-technical service provider had already begun to supervise the building, the fit-out or retrofitting of diverse Rewe and Penny markets throughout Hesse and neighbouring German federal states. SPIE is thereby providing technical services for everything related to electronics, security technology and fire alarm systems. Every supermarket has its own challenges. For instance, building permits must be obtained for new or renovated Rewe supermarket, and different fire protection concepts and sales outlet legislation have to be anticipated. Around 40 percent of existing Rewe supermarkets are retrofitted during ongoing operations. Each time, it is necessary to ensure coordination with the site supervision and the supermarket manager, so that customers can go shopping as usual – particularly on days with high sales, such as Fridays or Saturdays.

After such a long time we can proudly look back at many very successful partnerships on behalf of the Rewe Group. In total, nearly 40 new supermarkets involved our technical services during their construction. We receive plenty of praise from our clients. We are delighted and proud about this”, explains Andreas Philippi. “After many years of cooperation, we know each other very well. We can optimise our processes and have evolved together into a well-functioning team whose members work hand in hand with each other. This has enabled us to already successfully perform ten modernisations since the beginning of this year.”




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