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Press release
SPIE Awarded £3.5m ‘YG Route’ Modernisation and Diversion Contract by SP Energy Networks

SPIE UK has been commissioned to modernise and divert the 50-year-old YG 275kV Route. The £3.5m contract has been awarded by SP Energy Networks (SPEN).

The YG overhead line route, constructed in 1967, is the main interconnection between Longannet and Kincardine Substations. Made up of 17 towers, its approximate route length is 4.3km with a circuit length of 8.6km. Work on the route commenced in December 2016 and is scheduled to finish at the end of March 2017. A 1km diversion is required to facilitate the construction of a new housing development to the South East of Kincardine.

The operation involves the construction of three new towers, including ground investigation at each location, and the removal of three existing towers. SPIE will be responsible for repairing and painting existing structures, renewing tower furniture including anti-climbing devices and installing tower top number plates for helicopter inspection.

Other engineering responsibilities assigned to SPIE include replacing earth wire with an OPGW equivalent under single circuit outage conditions. After replacing downleads, insulators and fittings at terminal structures it will then complete testing and commissioning on the sections of removed conductors.

David Campbell, Programme Manager at SP Energy Networks Major Projects, says: “This is the first Transmission project that we have had with SPIE, and although a relatively short route it has many challenges including rail, road and even bridge crossings along with tower deviations, all occurring in close proximity to the local community.  We have been impressed both with the way that SPIE have tackled these challenges and their engagement with the local community to achieve solutions that work for both the project and the local residents”.

Steven Nanda, SPIE UK’s Industrial Services Managing Director, comments: “At 50 years old, YG overhead line route is an essential structure for Longannet and Kincardine Substations; we are delighted to be involved in its modernisation and development. It is, as ever, a privilege to support Iberdrola Engineering and Construction and SP Energy Networks and our team is greatly enjoying drawing on its unique combination of skills and experience to complete the upgrade within agreed parameters.”

Once core project works have been completed, SPIE will ensure post-contract landscaping is completed along affected roads. SPIE’s engineers will establish fibre optic connections into Longannet and Kincardine Substations.


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