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Press release
SPIE Belgium sponsors Spicy3 triathlon team

A sporting challenge especially for people with disabilities

Brussels, 8 September 2016 – On 18 September 2016, Yannick Jeronne, an electrical project engineer at SPIE Belgium, will take part, along with two team mates, in the Spicy3 triathlon at the Eau d’Heure lakes in Belgium. The funds raised by the event will be donated to the L’Hymne aux Enfants foundation, an organisation which helps children suffering from Noma disease. Yannick Jeronne's team, "Tri4fun", will be sponsored for the event by SPIE Belgium.


Yannick Jeronne has been a member of the triathlon club Oxygen for several years. When the club suggested he get a team together to enter the Spicy3 triathlon, he didn't hesitate for a moment. Spicy3 is a triathlon for teams of three, with at least one member of each team having a physical, sensory or mild intellectual disability. The three team members will tackle the three stages of the event, namely swimming (500 metres), cycling (24 kilometres) and running (6 kilometres), together. Teams must arrange sponsorship to raise money (at least €1,500) in aid of the L’Hymne aux Enfants foundation. The money raised will help to fund treatment and medical and social aftercare for children in Burkina Faso suffering from Noma disease, a form of fast-spreading gangrene.

Yannick's "Tri4fun" team mates are his partner Marie, who is also a triathlete, and his paraplegic friend Sébastien. They were inspired to take part in this initiative not just by their passion for triathlon, but also, and most importantly, by a desire to form a strong team and help the children of Burkina Faso.  According to Yannick, this same team spirit is also found in his job at SPIE Belgium: "Within the 'Tri4fun' team, each of us has a preference for one of the three disciplines. The same team spirit is also present at SPIE Belgium, where every team member puts their major strengths at the service of their team to ensure that the team can progress and move forward. "  

At SPIE Belgium, the management team is proud to be supporting this initiative. Johan Dekempe, managing director, says: "We are pleased to be participating, in our way, in this initiative, and to lend our support to Yannick and his team. SPIE Belgium makes a particular point of helping charitable and ethical projects throughout the year. We thus also decided, some years ago already, to no longer give New Year gifts to our partners, but to allocate that sum to various humanitarian projects instead."

Practical details:

Triathlon SPicy3

18.09.2016 (first teams to start at 10.30 am)

Eau d’Heure lakes

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